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May 1, 2017
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Dear Mum and Dad:
I understand you are disappointed with me and you have every right to be. I think, you only know a part of what is going on, in this teen’s life,

Since the beginning of my junior year, I have been searching for a boyfriend. I was not expecting that I would be dating a boy from my high school. So, I downloaded ‘Teenber’ on my phone. It is a way to chat and meet new friends and somehow find a boyfriend (digitally). This is the explanation why I have been on the phone, so please, do not put the blame on Tina. Around mid-September, I did meet (digitally) someone and thought that it was a ‘relationship’ when it actually was not. We were ‘dating’, sending each other, lovey-dovey messages.
This I realized, was a major distraction from my academics and school-work and why I lost my goals as I became a friend to someone who did not care about school, at all. It has also been the reason I was crying today as we would have to break-up. But I wanted to spend my time with a Teenber boyfriend since my best friend, Leon, is out of the picture and I miss him, (Not trying to get back at him).  Thus I will delete the app. tomorrow but if you see it before I do, please delete it on my behalf.
Please, do not assume that I was influenced by anyone. Watching ‘Violettta’ as a matter of fact, made me reconsider my chance of having a boyfriend.
Today, I will text my Teenber boyfriend (BF) goodbye and then delete my account. Also, I will take charge on my life once again. I am realizing the consequences of high school boyfriends and do not opt to have anyone, anymore.
Harvard has stopped being a priority-choice and instead considering NYU, UMB or JMU. You are right about how I would function in  college dorm so JMU or UMV would be better choices for me to study. 

Since both of you stated that you wanted a daughter like Ramona, Amber, Nancy and Jade, I will try to be more like them and hope to be successful.
We will talke once I return from school, today.  But again, I must apologize for initiating a relationship without thinking if I really needed it. I will begin to give more hours on my SAT and ACT practices.

Take care, Mum and Dad.


From your loving daugther.


NB: Don’t think you will find my ‘boyfriend.’ I deleted all our conservations and blocked him.

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