What Goes Up Must Come Down

March 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Sara and I were like Siamese twins, we were conjoined at the hip, ever since we had seen each other across the room on that fateful first day of kindergarten. Those were the years when who your friends were did not matter, and the two of you spent all their waking hours together. We loved the same things, had the same teachers, and treated each other like any other loving pair of sisters. No force in the world could have dragged us two six-year-olds apart. Promptly, their families became close and they were able to play together everyday.
When girls are young, it is quickly determined that boys had cooties and boyfriends were... never going to happen. For Sara, that was a hard promise to keep. By fourth grade, she already had a boyfriend. Everyone thought she was insane, but life went on and I loved her just the same. To quite all the fourth graders surprise, she did not get sick of cooties; the world kept on rotating and did not come to an end, yet. Unfortunately, the boyfriend was only the very beginning of the downward spiral.
Some friendships are shredded to pieces by having different classes; they rocket downhill at the speed of light. I was accepted into the advanced or 'gifted' class and Sara was stranded alone in the regular class. Now moving more into semi-best friends, we only saw each other during math, which lasted about one hour a day. Being only a fifth grader and immature, Sara was mad at me for moving to the advanced fifth grade class, which also meant my ability to be in her class for sixth grade was nonexistent. For a while, not a word was spoken between us, but after being separated for that year, the realization that neither of them could control which classes they were in, hit Sara square on the forehead.

Sixth grade was a rocky experience for the two of us. Sara was beginning to change and so was I, slowly the kindergarten best friends drifted
and farther,

and farther apart.
Everyone knew we wanted to stay best friends, but no human has the ability to stop life from taking its course. Sara was not the only friend I was pulled away from due to being in the 'gifted' class, I never saw any of my other friends. So I decided to make the biggest decision of my twelve year old life....... I dropped down from the advanced class.
Life was phenomenal with friends again in seventh grade. Sara and I got lucky both in the seventh and in eighth grade. We happen to be placed in a couple classes together in seventh grade. Our lives that started as kindergarten buddies began to reform and reconnect. This time around we were older, a little more mature, but we still saw each other less often because our busy live began to catch up with us. Sure, Sara had boyfriends then too. She was completely boy crazy, and as for me, well, you could tell by the way I acted, that I was not. Of all the existing years that I have known her, some of my most treasured moments reveal themselves within the next year.
Six out of nine classes together, it was as we had been reconjoined at the hip. Boyfriends were not a problem any more. Everyone had their hormones, and the gossip about cute and nice boys was constant, but Sara still was one of the few with the actual boyfriends. At Plum Grove, you would always see the two of us walking to every class together and riding the bus to and from school together. Also, people would always hear stories about what we did at each others houses everyday. Life was overwhelmingly perfect; no one wanted anything to change. Unfortunately, in every fairy tale, there is a villain. Our villain was high school.
As eight grade ended, high school snuck up on everyone. Many relationships change as people enter high school, but Sara and I did not see the falling action of our friendship coming fast. First, Sara became more interested in spending time with boys than with friends. All friends of hers were getting ditched, everyone, but it especially affected me. Sara began to treat her friends, as if they were not good enough for her, and she could throw everyone in her dust. It made everyone fume and the only think I wanted to do was cry, 'Where did my Sara go?!?! Where did my best friend go?'. It was half way through freshman year, and people began to recognize the way she acts around boys and who Sara's new friends are becoming. They wee beginning to call her names few ever expected to hear about her. Why could no one, including me, tell them to stop, there is a reason. It is because ... the names were true.
Friendships are like a roller coaster. They have there ups, downs, and eventually they end. You always wish that you would never have to get off, that the ride could continue. People say there are friendships like that, ones that last forever. It just takes a lifetime to find the perfect friend.

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