When Times Get Tough

March 13, 2009
By tweepea BRONZE, Chesapeake Beach, Maine
tweepea BRONZE, Chesapeake Beach, Maine
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I can't sleep. There's too much noise. Noise meaning my parents yelling at each other. This was all they did every single night. Yet everyone thought of them as the perfect couple. WRONG! I found divorce papers in my mom's desk. And I found out that my mom was having an affair. Just because her and dad were fighting didn't mean that she should start seeing some other guy. It was horrible.

The yelling went on until midnight. It was followed by screaming and some things I didn't need to hear. 'Stop already,' I muttered tiredly. My wish didn't come true. The yelling and screaming continued until one o'clock. Everything that my parents said played back in my mind. 'I want her to come with me'and she's better off without me,' I'd heard my dad say. Was he talking about me? My dad drove me to school that morning. 'So how are you Buttercup?' he asked me. Buttercup, a name I'd be stuck with forever. 'Fine, dad,' I lied. The yelling ran through my head again. Dad sighed. 'Annabelle'I have some bad news,' he finally revealed. 'What is it dad?' I questioned nervously. 'You're best friend, Mason is dead,' he whispered. 'What? What happened? How?' I asked in shock. 'He was shot'you still want to go to school?' he asked. I nodded slowly. Mason'dead. The words didn't fit.

I arrived at school and I didn't say a word to anyone. I figured that no one else knew about Mason. His friends would be mourning with me. Everything was going wrong. Mason had died and my parents were probably going to separate. 'Annabelle!' someone yelled. I turned to see my friend, Katie. 'Hi,' I said hiding my sadness. 'You said something didn't you?' she asked. 'Huh?' I asked. 'Just don't talk to me'ever,' she added. I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out. I had absolutely no idea what I did. The pain grew.

As I walked to first period I felt weak in the knees. What had I done? Why was this happening? As I got into the classroom I instantly grabbed hold of a desk. I felt like I was about to faint. 'You okay, Annabelle?' my teacher, Mrs. Hester asked. I nodded and slowly walked to my seat.

We had a test today. I tried to stay focused but I couldn't. Mason was dead, Katie was mad at me, my parents were on the verge of a divorce, and I felt sick. Plus I was about to fail this test. I'd gotten straight A's all of my life. I couldn't help it and the tears poured out. I tried to say quiet but I whimpered a few times. 'Annabelle,' Mrs. Hester called. I wiped away the tears and looked up. 'They need you in the office,' she told me. I nodded. I quickly ran out and cried in the hallway.

When I got to the office they told me to go to guidance. 'Hello, Annabelle,' the guidance counselor greeted me. 'Hi,' I said. 'Were you friends with Mason Millar?' she asked. I nodded. 'He died today,' I said. 'Yes,' she said. 'Um'I don't think I can talk about this right now,' I said. Before she could say anything I ran out into the bathroom and cried my eyes out.

I stayed in the bathroom all of first period crying. 'Annabelle?' someone said. I looked up to see Katie. 'Mason's dead Katie. Mason's dead,' I said. Her eyes got wide. She sat down with me and gave me a hug. 'I'm sorry Annabelle. He was like your brother,' she said. I nodded quickly. 'And my parents'I think they're getting a divorce. I don't know what to do,' I cried. 'Shh. It is okay Annabelle. I'm here'and Mason always will be here'for both of us,' she promised.

Katie came home with me that day. We left early. When I got home there was no yelling or screaming. There was a note from mom and dad. 'My parents are at dinn'' my voice trailed off. I felt someone holding my hand. You will be okay. Never forget me, I heard a voice in my head say. ''Mason'' I said. ''Mason'' Katie repeated. I smiled a bit. I grasped Katie into a hug. 'Thank you for helping me get through this. Thank you so much Katie. You are a great friend,' I said. 'Thanks. Oh and I'm sorry about earlier at school. I guess I was being stupid,' she said. 'It is okay. As long as we are friends forever,' I said. 'Friends forever,' Katie said. She smiled. 'And now everything's back to normal,' she said. 'Not everything'one person's missing. But like you said, he'll always be here for both of us,' I replied. 'Exactly,' Katie stated simply. 'Rest in peace, Mason,' I whispered. 'He will,' Katie said. Suddenly a tear fell down my cheek and tears poured out. Then I laughed a little. 'I miss him too much,' I sobbed. 'He was your best friend. You've known him since you were babies. It's okay to miss him too much,' Katie told me. I nodded.

That was probably the worst and the best day of my life. That day'my best friend in the whole world was shot and he died. That day my parents were definitely about to separate. That day I almost lost a good friend of mine. But those were the bad things. That day my parents made up. And that day I realized what friends really mean to me. Even though Katie was mad at me she saw that I was upset and she tried to comfort me. She is a true friend. When you're going through something like I did, you really need your friends there for you. Sometimes teachers, guidance counselors, or even your parents can't help you. Sometimes they might not understand'you might just need a true friend who knows what you feel. So keep all of the true friends you have'they can really help you in tough situations. True friends are amazing and they'll be there for you for life.

The author's comments:
Don't lose your real friends. You'll really need them in the long run.

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