An Awful Day at the Farmer's Market

March 23, 2017

I drove down the highway with my girlfriend in the passenger seat of the car, we were listening to eighties throwbacks and she was singing along. Personally I hated eighties music, I don’t really know why I just don’t enjoy it. But, Katie loves it, so we listen to it. As we came to the stoplight I prepared to turn into the farmers market. That’s where we were going, yep, Katie wanted to go to the farmers market, so we went to the farmers market. As I turned into the parking lot Katie turned down the music and smiled at me saying how much fun doing this was going to be. It was ninety-six degrees and the air was muggy and hard to breathe in, yeah lots of fun Katie.

As we walked around the stalls of the people selling their products Katie was so interested in how everyone had grown their fruits and vegetables and where they grew it. I really don’t know why the reaction she gave when an old man told her he grew all of the stuff he was selling on his farm went along the lines of “Wow! That’s amazing!” I don’t get it but it’s fine.

When Katie and I were coming to the edge of the market she let out this loud gasp. I turned around quickly to see her mouth agape with happiness and excitement looking at god knows what other lame thing could get that reaction out of her. I turned my gaze to where hers was and I saw it. It was a horse.

“Look! Look! Look!” she exclaimed grabbing my hand. She ran over to the horse pulling me along with her acting as excited as a little kid saying things about like how she always wanted one when she was a kid and how she never had one and all the fantasies and dreams she had about having a horse and all that. A little old lady walked up to Katie and I with a toothy grin and a straw hat with a small purple flower tucked up under the ribbon.

“I see you’ve taken an interest in my horse,” she said to us with a glimmer in her eyes. “Her name is Ginger and she loves to eat carrots,” she said and the horse almost nodded in agreement with her.
“Can we feed her!” Katie shouted incapable of containing her excitement.

“Of course you can,” the old woman replied seeming to be amused by Katie’s excitement. I wasn’t excited to feed the horse at all. I gave Katie a disapproving look because she knew I wasn’t very fond of horses due to an incident with one in preschool where I was riding one and it got freaked out over something and reared back sending me flying off breaking my arm.

“Maybe we shouldn’t Katie, I mean she looks awfully busy,” I said trying to pull her away from the menace named Ginger.

The old woman insisted, “Oh no, I’m not busy at all, come on now let me get you some carrots to feed her with.” She pulled out a bag full of carrots and handed a bundle to each of us. Katie went right up to Ginger and started feeding her and rubbing on her head whispering nice things to her. Katie turned around to me waiting for me to come over to the horse.

“No,” I said determined not to go over there. Katie then gave me her infamous death stare that she always gives when I don’t follow along with what she wants. Before Katie could say anything to me I walked over because that’s what Katie wanted me to do. As I got closer the the horse it freaked me out more and more with its large teeth bared ready to devour things right from my hand, it would probably end up eating my hand if I wasn’t careful.

As I stood there with Katie I glared at the horse knowing what evil things it could do. It turned it’s head toward me which made me glare all that harder at it. It then neighed right in my face and I screamed a shrill cry and passed out. I woke up minutes later surrounded by people asking if I was alright and what had happened to me. “I hate horses,” I muttered.

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