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March 20, 2017
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We all wanted to live our life like a movie or a show, but things turns out to be far less exciting than we expected, but you never know what happens next, and that’s the most exciting thing of life.

    Stories are my motivation. I’ve been gathering stories for my whole life. I am a traveller, but it turns out that I’m more like a listener.
   When I was in a little town called Shai, I had a friend called alu, she was like 50 years older than me. Before I met her, I always thought that I’m never gonna make friend with elders. It turns out, that I was wrong, totally. She passed away several years ago, and she told me it was never too late to create something of your own, don’t let the days be wasted. She did, and it was a long time ago. It was the 1940s of China, things weren’t settled down. Alu lost her mum when she was 10, and it wasn’t a rich family that she was living in, so she had to go out and work at such young age. Alu became the servant of one of the local “millionaire” family. However, it wasn’t even a job that was earning enough for the tuition of alu’s brother, so she decided to do change a job. I remember when she told me that, she said: “It was the worst and the best decision of my life.”
     Alu went to the biggest gang of the place. It was a hazardous journey but she made her way through. Actually, she had the best times of her life there. The gang people shared the treasures they either stoled from the rich or robbed from the random guy in the street. Alu even had enough money to sent her brother study abroad. For the first time of her life, she had true friends, even though they were not “good” people after all. Her life was so amazing that she didn’t believe it was true. They still did the robs and the steals, or sometimes kills. And it was one mistake that lead to the collapse of her life. She wouldn’t tell me what happened then. she said it is the part that belongs to herself. But the result was obvious. After whatever she’s been through, she lost almost everything of her life, the gang, her friends, even the money she left for her brother.
    “I was desperate, and totally lost. My brother was my only hope and money was his only hope.” She did almost everything that could make quick money, assassination, prostitution, stealing and so so many bad stuffs that she wouldn’t want to remember. “But then, when I realised what I have done, that was when the tragedy began. Out of my expectation, my brother came back to town the year when I was doing the stealing. He was cracking the case in the town when I first saw him for the first time in the decades. You can’t imagine how excited I was. When I was to rush to him and say hello, I saw that he was cracking the case that I caused. He was examining the body that I made it corpse several weeks ago. Unfortunately enough I had to go back and more unfortunately I was caught guilty and went to the jail for 20 years. He didn’t recognise me and I didn’t told him about myself. When I was out of the jail, he was gone forever and every time I missed him and my friends, I go to the police office, they were all on the wall, one as the best police officer, others as the worst guys in the world.”

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