I Drink Vodka Now

March 6, 2017

In the writing titled I Drink Vodka Now written by Hailey Revello I felt sad. Her writing is about how the Husband/Father dying and not coming back to them left me feeling more about my parents and when I would be a father.

I have never had a family member die in my lifetime yet. I can’t imagine what it’s like, nor do I want to because I have gone to funerals of others and seen people cry and mourn from the death. Revello says, “You never come home,” has me feeling terrible because that one person you love that dies, will never come back to see you. When she says, “You don’t kiss me goodnight anymore,” makes me think of my parents or when I would become a father someday. You only get that person once in a lifetime and once they die, they never comeback. There is no ‘sorry for this,’ you have to live with the regrets you didn’t do with them or regrets on how you treated them. Now you have to live everyday with those regrets.

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