Suicide Thought

March 2, 2017
By , Rolla, MO

Sirens wail in the distance, as cars pass by every now and then. BOOM. The sound of gunfire fills his ear as the planes pass by overhead. Screams of pain and dying fill the air. Chink, Chink, Chink. He blinks away the memories he is familiar with. “Just jump,” says the voice in his ear. “It will all be over if you jump.”
Rain splashes down as he piles his fellow brethren into a makeshift wall. Blood covers his body so much that even the rain can’t wash it away. He shifts back in reality. Fifteen stories up and he can see the cracks in the sidewalk getting closer and -BANG. Another bomb falls as more screams fill the air. He peeks over his wall and watches as dozens get massacred by a gunnery ship.
“I’m trying to help, to make all pain in your life disappear.” The voice went silent and then, “Do you know remember what you did over there, well of course you do how could you forget.”
Chink, Chink, Chink. The old man steps away from the ledge. “I can’t,” he whispers. Silence filled his head. For once in his life the voice was silent. He can’t remember what it felt like to have an empty head. A thought came to the man then, what if it came back. He walks down and out the monument that looms behind him and climbs into his car. And he drives. He drives so far that he is just a speck and then-nothing. Some of his neighbors that knew about his condition think he killed himself. Some say he died of natural passing. Know one knew where he was though. Know one knew he left. Know one knew he lost himself. Know one knew he let go. 

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