March 8, 2017
By , Ormond Beach, FL
The day started out just like any other; I woke up around noon and poured myself a cup of coffee. I headed to the office of my dream job, my computer room. I started up my behemoth of a desktop and waited about half a second for it to start up. I go through all my security which I use to protect the files of all the prototype games I have stored on my hard drive. After I login I notice a problem, my mouse is not moving quite as it should. At first I think nothing of it and go to fix its sensitivity. Then I see it never changed form where I keep it. Then I run a complete diagnosis on it and see there appears to be no major damage to my firewall but, I soon see a breadcrumb trail showing how someone broke in and copied files on soon of the most promising games the company I work for will soon release and some of our more secretive and experimental games.
I nearly have a heart attack. After all my begging and pleading to my boss and promising him my personal computer would be safe, this happens, the single worst outcome possible. Too bad for this hacker losing was removed from my vocabulary years ago.
My fingers race across my keyboard at lightning speed. I search for the hole this person has managed to sneak in through. I search for hours and finally found an email I accidentally clicked a link on. I trace this website back to its owner’s computer and find out a fifteen year old managed to hack me. I spend the next three hours breaking through his fire wall and then I corrupt his file of the games so if he opens them he would destroy them. Then I leave him a little note on how he should be careful about his hacking and how he should study and become a better computer and game designer than me. Finally, I modify his computer to limit its capabilities to hack.

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