Starry Night

March 6, 2017
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He came up to her slowly, step by step. The air around was dry, rubbing him with anxiety. Her blonde hairs glittered as night's candles, lighting a way for him.

      It had been years of waiting, he finally hurdled the barrier and sought a way to meet her.

      The moment he hugged her, he cried. Tears slipped down and washed his wrinkled face. All his pain, all the memories he suffered were dragged out of his mind. His arms embraced her fading body even harder, like a drowning boy grabbing at straws. As time flew, pieces of soul faded from his trembling body as golden particles, dissolved into the lightless night. She smiled behind his slowly shrinking face, as tiny pearls appeared at the corners of her eyes. When she finally stopped sobbing, she whispered in next to his ears. "Please, forget me."
      The next morning, people found him sleeping on her tomb, being covered by the first rays of sunlight.

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