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March 6, 2017
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There it was, the entrance. My voyage was one to remember. The world that I had experienced was unbelievable. Sometimes I wondered what I had been doing. Was I crazy for going on this voyage, just to do one simple thing?. The thing that could change my life forever.

Never have I watched TV and I’ve never had a cell phone. What do I do all day? Just other things as what other people would say. I always wanted to do other things, but I’m glad I didn’t. The world changed me. The world makes the value of life different. It makes me appreciate what I have. The ways my life changed because of the world is just unexplainable. The world made the ways I use my resources change and incorporate the other resources that other people don’t consider.

When I was young my mother put me up for adoption at a young age. Afraid she had been. Not being able to take care of me with no help. She was betrayed by her parents and I was betrayed by mine. I’ve never met my mother nor my father. These people have no effect in my life.

After I spent 18 years in foster care I was released. I was taller than most people, and I had a lot of respect for the people around me.  I had not known much about the world before being released. Not knowing nearly as much as everyone else, I went to work on a farm, finding the work I could with only the foster care schooling I had received. Upon working on this farm, I learned the concepts of animals and ways of working this equipment. This influencing me in the way I needed. To provide me with what I could consider doing in the future. After I proved what I could accomplish, I became manager of the farm.

I started to save up for college. I was weighing my options of getting a minor education in college or going multiple years to accomplish what I felt I deserved. Kids that were put up for adoption and never adopted have never really had the chance to prove themselves great in some way. Next I wanted to prove the world wrong. I felt as if I needed to prove something considering I never had parents. Never had a family. The only people I knew coming out of foster care was the other kids in foster care.

I moved to Washington D.C. At this point in my life, I didn’t know what to do. I felt moving to the nation’s capital would help me improve myself. Beyond this I was planning on going to college soon, still weighing my options. While conversing with a psychiatrist she told me “I believe if you were to work a little longer you would be able to get yourself ready for college and the challenges that college will bring to you”. So under the influence of her speech I decided to work a tad longer to improve my experience. As I began work as a store manager at a Menards on the outskirts of D.C I found out that this was the job that would give me the chance to learn the  responsibilities of becoming an adult and going to college.

When I began searching colleges, I made pro and con lists of every college, trying to find the college that would give me the the chance to accomplish what I wanted to accomplish. Places that I considered were Indiana University and I strongly considered New York University. This college would help me develop the ideas I wanted to. The ways I wanted to improve the world. Never had I had a chance to show myself to the world. As I applied to NYU, I decided I needed to find a way to get out into the world beyond college.

After I started college, I met a wonderful gal name Gabby, on campus. She was great. She had black hair, and brown eyes. She worked on the campus at one to the spirit stores. She came over two or three times a week. We spent lots of time together, trying to improve our relationship. Trying to build respect in this relationship, and really have the feelings of a robust relationship. We went on dates that challenged ourselves to be ourselves and show each other ourselves. Not going to fast, we established ground upon our relationship. When Gabby and I finally decided we could move our relationship along, we bought a small trailer inside the trailer park about 15 miles from NYU. We continued to grow our relationship buying a tad beat up Jeep Cherokee. We bought a bike rack. That was the way we transported ourselves, in our single vehicle, and our bikes around campus. Nothing special because that's all we needed. Gabby was studying Agriculture and I was studying business. When we talked about our dreams and Gabby always said she wanted to at one time own a farm and chemical resource department. I always said I wanted to meet my parents. I liked how we always were able to share our dreams.

When I finished my first year at NYU, I decided to transfer schools to Iowa University. Gabby and I  both decided it would be best for us. In Iowa, Gabby would have the best chance to develop agriculture and I could continue school. When we finally got completely moved, I decided to change our lives completely. I applied to be part of the security guards of Iowa. When I applied I didn’t expect anything. As we continued our lives we decided we would buy a ranch on the outskirts of Cherokee, Iowa.

When I felt the time was right and we were all settled down I decided to propose to Gabby. The ring I got her wasn't huge which was good because I didn't want to spend a lot of money because I couldn't afford it. That was an exception she made for me. I proposed at a Iowa Hawkeyes game. When she said yes that was the best moment of my life. She made me the happiest man alive on January 12th, 2015. What a day that was. I was now 24 years old. About to graduate from college, I decided that I would stay in school four  more years to attend school for security. Gabby told me she was glad I decided to continue school with her. She hugged me tight that night and told me what she really wanted. I only believed this was the only way we would survive on our own. When I received a phone call from Indiana, which is where I grew up I became concerned. What could happen where I didn’t live anymore. These people told me they needed my help Chicago Hospital. ¨ The hospital in chicago called me¨ I told her. ¨ What did they need?¨. ¨ My mother is in the hospital¨. ¨ You have to go, but be careful¨ she exclaimed. I told her I would be fine, and went to the nearest airport to fly out. When I flew into Chicago I got another call, they told me some of the greatest news I’ve ever heard. They were calling me to Chicago to meet my mother.

I was the only DNA match they could find. When I hung up the phone after that call I was both glad and astonished. But also nervous. I had never met my mother, what would I say? As I called Gabby to tell her the news, I paused. I didn’t know what to tell Gabby. I didn’t want to tell her she had to come, because she was busy. And I didn’t know what my mother was like. As I approached the hospital, I remembered the one memory of my mother.

My mother gave me up when I was three years old. I remember one thing. Her taking me, to a party. Now my mother only took me to this party because it was the last thing she was going to do with me, before she put me up for adoption. She wanted to keep me,  but she couldn´t. The world was just too hard to have a child at a young age and keep up in the world with no help.

The hospital was brick, with spots of green in spots. Surprising being in Chicago. I walked through the automatic doors, the lady at the desk gazed up at me. ¨ Can I help you?¨ she said. ¨Yes, I´m here to see a patient.¨ ¨Name?¨. ¨Connor Edwards¨. ¨Yes¨. ¨ Your mother is on the 5th floor, room 423¨.

I took the elevator up to the 5th floor. When I walked in the room, my mother or as I would think as my mother peered at me from the bed. The doctor was in the room his name was Dr. Jamison. He told me that my mother was pregnant and we had to find someone that was a family member that could help. I accepted. Two hours later I found out that I had been granted with a new baby brother. I corralled him. He looked identical to my mom, and she relished it. ¨Mom here¨. I handed the baby to her. She accepts. ¨ Thank you for coming.¨ As she peered down upon her new baby boy she said ¨ You're going to stay with me¨.

Room 423, the room that I realized that I had to let go of what my mother did to me, it wasn’t her fault. After this Gabby and I moved towards my mom to spend time with them. And after getting to know both of them Gabby and I were not only the happiest, but so was my mother.

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