Foster Boy

February 27, 2017
By , Tiffin, OH

It was a chilly morning walking to school. Dylan and Fiona were snuggled up in each other's arms, keeping her warm walking down the street. The school day was about to start and Dylan suggested to Fi that they should skip lunch and have a little fun for awhile. His suggestion sounded very derogative, but Fi could not stop thinking about something happening like this since they started dating. Fi knew she had to say something so she blurted out “SURE”. All she could think was how awkward she was.

Dylan’s voice sounded excited as he said, “ Ok meet me at the rock. I’ll be there waiting.”

“Ok, I’ll be there.” Fi whispered as Dylan kissed  her on the forehead.

Turning around walking in different directions Dylan got stopped by some kid, who has these shining hazel eyes and a light brown wavy hair that flows perfectly across his head. Dylan also noticed a camera in his right hand ready to take a picture of him.

“Hi, I’m Alex.” Alex pronounced, “I’m new here, and I just thought you looked like the perfect person to take a picture of this morning.”

“Sure, one picture won’t hurt.” Dylan said hoping there would be a photoshoot awaiting for him.

“Pose for m. Look as good as you want too. I'm not stopping you.” Alex said trying to make a subtle hint.
Dylan made a thinking face. Alex smiled encouraging him for more. Alex was thinking, chuckling under his breath. Alex looked up and invited Dylan over to his house during lunch.

“Hey I would love too but… you know what it will be fine, what’s your address, i’ll come over,” Dylan said sounding hesitant going to this new kid's house that he has never met before.

Lunch time came around. Dylan walked to Alex's house. It was only a 5 minute walk from the school, so there was no need to worry about getting back on time. Dylan knocked on the door.. One.. two….three times. Dylan could hear someone almost running to the door not even hesitating to see who it was out the window before opening the large wooden door.

“Hey, you showed up!” Alex said with excitement in his voice.

“Yeah, I didn’t have anything else to do, so I wanted to stop over,” Dylan said with doubt as this kid with these gleaming eyes are shining in the sunlight. that's all he could look at. Why? He has never cared about another guy's eyes before, although he couldn’t look away for some reason. Butterflies forming in his stomach as he stared at Alex. He must be nervous from being here.  Dylan looked away; though, it felt like forever he was looking into his gorgeous eyes, even if for only a few seconds. He snapped out of his trance recovering for a second. Then asking “Can I come in?”

“Well of course you can silly.” Alex couldn’t bite his words before they flew out of his mouth. He couldn’t help not talking like he always does even if he wanted to be cool with Dylan. 

Through the door Dylan walked slowly looking around examining the walls and all of these pictures. Alex is not in any of them. Just an older couple. In every picture. So where was he at this whole time? Turning around almost to the end of the hallway Dylan’s curiosity got the best of him and he couldn’t help but ask. “Alex?”

 “Huh?” Alex replied casually not paying any attention to anything other than to the door he was locking behind him.

“Why aren’t you in these pictures?” Dylan asked hoping to not be too inquisitive for the rest of his stay.

Walking towards Dylan looking at all the pictures on the wall without him in them, seeing a different happy life that he is a part of now only makes him miss his own even more everyday.

“I’m a foster kid. I got placed here at the start of this school year.” Alex’s expression in his voice was lower than normal, without its excitement that he normally creates from the smallest things, That sound wasn’t there anymore. Dylan could tell. Not knowing what to say, hoping to not make a wrong move was imperative to not sound rude or uncaring.

“Oh, I'm sorry. I didn’t know.” Dylan said, sounding as caring as possible for him. Alex looked away from the pictures and right at Dylan, seeing someone he’s been admiring since he was placed in this school astounded him. The one guy he avoided everyday even though their lockers were down the hall from each other.

“No, No, you're fine. Don’t worry about it.” Alex had said not letting his past come through. Being taken into foster care at 16 was hard for him. His mother was a druggy and couldn't take care of him as she should have. She overdosed last year and was sent to the hospital. Alex rode with her in the ambulance hoping for her to get better as fast as she could. Alex sitting by her bedside hours later, asleep waiting for her to awake from her sleep. She never awoke before policemen came and took him away from the bedside. The only love of her life was taken from her in the hospital that day and same him. Only two cities away and not able to see his mother in rehab is hard on him.  Alex not letting anything through continues with asking Dylan to go around the corner to the kitchen.

With a quick answer he replies with an okay moving quickly around the corner avoiding touching anything but the table. Alex walked into the kitchen and pulled open the oven. As the oven door opened a smell wafted across the kitchen. Pizza! The delicious smell moving through the kitchen made Dylan's mouth water with joy.

“ That smells delicious bro!” Dylan said eyeballing the pepperoni sitting on top of the steaming cheese.

“ How many pieces would you like?” Alex asked Dylan getting ready to cut the pizza into eighths.

“ Just two right now.” Dylan answered leaning against the counter a few feet away from Alex while he cut perfect slices for them to eat. Taking the two slices off the plate he walked up close to Dylan and handed him the pizza. Leaning on the counter looking at Dylan and Dylan looking right back at Alex as they stood only a step away. Alex looking up at Dylan made his body tingle. His spine shivered at the way Alex looked at him. Just looking at each other was all they could do.

Alex reached for Dylan’s hand that was sitting on the counter. Placing his hand on top of Dylan’s, their hearts raced. Waiting for a response but received nothing. Alex stepped closer. Moving his right hand towards Dylan’s head Alex was stopped by Dylan’s left, muscular hand that moved so quickly from Dylan’s side. Dylan let go after a brief pause. Allowing Alex to grab the back of his neck and to pull their faces closer together. Almost touching noses. They stop only for a second. Feeling each other's breath on their lips. The heat that came forth. That was the heat that touched both of them. It was tremendous and added to the heart pounding. Alex went in and kissed Dylan on the lips slowly, that helped Dylan get into the rhythm. Dylan grabbed Alex. Pulled him in. Chest to chest and nothing stopping them. They vigorously moved their hands up and down each others back pulling and grabbing the shirts that stopped them from feeling the touch of each other's skin.

Dylan getting into it started going for Alex’s neck. Dylan’s breath melted Alex on the inside as he let out a fast moan of encouragement to tell Dylan to continue on. Dylan grabbed Alex and pushed him against the fridge, tugging at his shirt trying to rip it off of Alex’s body. Grabbing the base of Alex’s shirt there was no hesitation to pull it off.

“Uh.” Dylan moaned under his breath. Pulling Alex’s bare chest right up against his by the waist. Dylan looked down at Alex’s face. Seeing Alex look back up at Dylan right in his eyes made Dylan’s excitement climb through the roof.


“Wait, wait,” Alex interrupted.

“What’s wong?” Dylan questioned.

“Could we go to my room. I cook food here.” Alex laughed.

“Yeah we should go to your room.” Dylan added in agreement with a snarky tone.

Following fast behind Alex to his bedroom Dylan started thinking. What was he doing! He has a girlfriend. Oh no. He forgot to meet her. Is she sitting there all alone waiting for him. Dylan stopped in the hallway around the corner from the kitchen. Contemplating what he had done. Alex turned and looked back at Dylan with a look of curiosity.

“You coming?” Alex asked Dylan.

“Um, I think I have to go. This was a mistake.” Dylan said to Alex forcefully.

“What’s going on?” Alex questioned.

“I’m not gay!” Dylan pronounced. “I have a girlfriend I…...  I think I like.” Dylan said in a low voice not sure about anything at this point. Does Dylan like Fi as much as he liked Alex’s company for that short time. Only those few minutes that went by of enjoyment brought so many things to the table Dylan had never thought about before.

“I have to go.” Dylan said turning and grabbing his things from the kitchen. Alex walked towards him in fear of what was happening.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean any harm by this.” Alex said with a soft tone.

Dylan walked fast. Fully dressed now. Ready to walk out of the door with the door handle in his hand.

“I’ll see you later.” Dylan said with question in his voice.

“I’m sorry.” Alex added again as Dylan stormed out of his house. Alex wondered if Dylan would ever talk to him again. Look at him. Acknowledge him in anyway. I guess there's no way to know until Alex goes back to school.

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