The total opposite

February 28, 2017
By NiyaM BRONZE, Dublin, California
NiyaM BRONZE, Dublin, California
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“My dress ripped! I need a knew one stat.” Mikayla screamed from her bedroom. When walking up to the front of the house Mikayla grabbed a donut and juice. She was preparing for her Los Angeles Teen Star Fashion Show. On the other side of the house Michelle (a.k.a Michi) was quietly reading the Pride and Prejudice for the 5th time. She was nothing like her spoiled, stylish and popular twin sister. There was two more months until school ended and that was the only thing on her mind. Mikayla strutted her way down the stairs with her ripped dress in one hand and a 100.00$ bill in the other. Knowing her mother she sneaked out the back door and hopped into her white BMW convertible.

“I was like why is their no size 8?” Mikayla said to her bff Beca Lousman. Mikayla walked down the the dressing room hall, turned and walked back. “My cousin has kind of the same dress in size 10. Will that fit?” Beca said reassuringly.
“Yes! That is perfect” Mikayla screamed. They high-fived each other’s perfectly manicured hands and strutted out the boutique.

“But mom it’s a world convention for mathletes. Please???” Jenna was pleading. “Hmm another loser convention huh?” Mikayla said teasingly. She ran up with her new/borrowed gold and red dress. Jenna looked at her mom one last time. “Please.” she said.
“No. It is too much money and you will be away for two weeks!” Mrs. Bell said.
“You give so much money to Mikayla for clothes and I want to be away from you guys for two weeks. Can’t you do anything for me!?” Jenna shouted.
She stormed up to her room and opened her closet. She took out an old maroon suitcase with packed clothes and waited till midnight. She quietly crept into the kitchen and grabbed three loafs of bread, cheese, chocolate, cookies, trail mix, and fruit. Then she got her sleeping bag and some cash. Knowing that it wasn’t enough money she sneaked into her parents’ room and stole around 3,000 dollars.

“Stop crying mom. She’ll be back in like two days. She can’t survive without food.” Mikayla said.
“No, I really hurt her and she probably took some food smartie!” Mrs. Bell said to Mikayla.

Michelle walked all night and morning to the bus station where she would be picked up to go to Utah. She hopped into the bus and off she went with no regrets.
“She’s missing school as well.” Mrs. Bell argued. The whole morning Mrs. Bell was panicking and crying to herself.

Mikayla ran outside in her plaid skirt, white tank top, doc martins and five looped necklaces. She was about to make her mark on the fashion industry today. Mikayla and her three best friends (Beca Lousman, Serena Li, and Alina Cae) bought a shop called Glam-all in the LA Mall. She had her cousins work there for her. Today editors from Teen Vogue were coming in to see her and her squad for a whole article devoted to her work in the fashion industry. She couldn’t let Michelle ruin it. She quickly ran back inside to fetch a cute pink and black zebra printed blazer.

“Ready girl!” Beca squealed when picked up.
“Oh! I was born ready.” Mikayla said back. The two girls met Serena and Alina their other two besties and strutted their way to the mall.  Mikayla walked into the mall with her head held high. She sat down at the back of the store so fans wouldn’t interrupt the interview.

“You must be Mrs. Bell’s daughter.” a low and modest voice aroused from within the shop. Mikayla quickly turned around and their stood a tall lady with high-heeled boots, black washed-out jeans and a faux fur vest. Her hair was in a messy bun and her makeup was flawless.
“Uh...Yes that is me!” Mikayla squealed. She wished her mom had been here.
“Let’s get started. What is your favorite article of clothing Mikayla?”
“Skirts and jackets, I can’t pick one!”
“Favorite seasons’ clothes?”
“Summer. It’s all about those shorts and tees!!”
After around an hour of answering questions the four girls stood up and shook hands with the lady.
“We will call you for further information on your contracts. Nice to meet you.” the lady said slowly and walked out the store.
“Eeeee!!” the girls said at once.
They cleaned the store quickly. It was time to step their fashion game up to the next level: Supermodel style!!

Today was the first day of the math convention and Michi was excited. She walked to her booth alongside her two friends Lauren Convey, a skinny blonde who had the brightest wardrobe, and Joey Kingston, a short and hyper kid. They had set up the booth and were waiting for an audience. No one came.
“Why?” Michi said sadly sipping on a free mango shake.
“I have no idea” Joey said while munching on his thirty-fifth twizzler.
They headed outside and saw a crowd of mathletes waiting in a long line. Lauren gasped.
“We want our money back!” the crowd shouted.
The angry stampede of people piled on top of the three small kids.
“Wait, wait, wait, STOP!!!” Michi yelled at the top of her lungs.
Everyone froze and got up.
“Come inside and see what we have set up for you all! We have a jampacked day ahead. Full of competitions and booths!!” Michi said excitedly.
Slowly people started to fill in and the convention was packed with people and booths.
“Why did they want their money back??” Lauren asked.
“Eh. I don’t know. Maybe the doors were locked or something.” Michi said cluelessly.
Michi was so proud of herself because for once something was about her and not her sister. With all this good stuff happening to her she decided she would call her mom and tell her where she was.
“You have reached the voicemail box of Maria Bell please leave a message after the beep!” Michi stood up and ran to the bathroom. This is how much her mom cared about her, she thought.

“Mom that was amaze! She was all professional and said she would call us later for the deets.” Mikayla said. Mrs. Bell smiled weakly and gave Mikayla a big hug.
“Mom I need to go on a mandatory shopping spree or wardrobe makeover. I am the new supermodel here. Okay!? Thanks, Love ya.” Mikayla said and ran upstairs to make a new video on her day. Mrs.Bell sighed and called the Mathletes Convention center.
“Hello? Yes it’s Mrs. Bell. I am looking for a medium sized girl with brown hair. Michelle Bell. Is she there? No! Okay sorry about that.” Mrs.Bell was startled so she called the cops.
“Joanna will be stopping by to analyze my closet and make a list for me. ‘Kay?” Mikayla said happily.
“Whatever.” Mrs. Bell said.
“Whoa is everything alright?” Mikayla asked not caring. 
Mrs. Bell shook her head and Mikayla quickly hugged her mom and took her keys and purse.
“Bye Mom!” Mikayla said. Her mom smiled at her and went upstairs.

Mikayla came home with around 25 bags filled with clothes and accessories. She had literally shopped until she dropped.
Michelle crept out of the Convention center and walked to a nearby gas station.
“Do you have any tickets to West LA?” Michi asked.
“Yeah. I do.” the cashier said.
Michelle headed outside with her ticket and caught the next bus. Soon after a nine hour trip she was back home and was ready to tell her parents.
Ding! Dong! The door opened and there stood her mom with two boxes of tissues in her hands.
“Honey! Oh I knew you would come back. I was so worried.” Mrs. Bell nearly spat her words and hugged Michi so hard she had spit her mint gum out.
“Sure. Can I have some money Mrs. Bell?” Michelle asked politely.
“What do mean? Where are you going?” Mrs. Bell asked surprisingly.
“Why didn’t you take my call? Too busy shopping for Mikayla’s spoiled brat fashion show.” Michi said in the midst of tears.
“When did you call?” Mrs. Bell asked.
Michelle checked her phone, “3:30 PM”
“I was at Lauren’s house looking for you! Honey I was so worried that I didn’t go to work for the past two days, I haven’t even eaten!” Mrs. Bell said.
“Oh well I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have ran away!” Michelle said happily. Her mom’s embrace made her feel the kind of joy she had been missing.
“No, it’s my fault! I need to realize where my money is really going and treat both my daughters the same,” Mrs. Bell said. She walked inside and unloaded all of the suitcases and made some coffee. Michelle went upstairs and started the homework she had missed.

“Decided to come back?” Mikayla asked while curling her hair the next morning.
Michelle ignored Mikayla’s high-pitched question and picked up her books. Mikayla could care less and  walked outside only to be hit by three eggs.
“Oh sorry!” A boy and girl said at once. They looked near the bus and laughed.
Michelle looked back and winked.
“Ugh!” Mikayla screamed. She walked back inside her house  and called Beca.
“My stupid sister is driving me crazy. You have no idea!” Mikayla nearly screamed through the phone.
“Ok, I will be over there in like five minutes.” Beca said.

“Welcome back ladies! How was it?” Mrs. Sherman, their young and enthusiastic homeroom teacher, asked Mikayla and her squad.
“It was amaze!” Beca squealed.
The two girls sat down near the back of the room. Michelle walked in with a paper bag.
“You forgot this at home,” Michelle said giggling. On the bag it said “Woo woo poochie poo” in big bold sharpie letters. Everyone began to laugh even Beca.
“Thanks Michi! You can go now.” Mikayla growled. She walked up to the front of the class and grabbed her lunch bag.

Mikayla jumped into her uber and drove off as soon as school ended. Normally she would hang out with her friends. But today was no day for friends, she had to make a plan to take revenge on her pathetic sister.
Michelle only used one hair product so Mikayla mixed lemon, vinegar, and sugar in it. She then took Michelle’s computer and uploaded a video of Michelle when she was in middle school. The compilation of embarrassing moments that Mikayla’s camera-headband took. She would blackmail Michelle with these videos.
Mikayla then walked over to the West LA Computer Services. Her cousin, Nate worked there and would do anything for Mikayla. She logged onto Michelle’s email and sent rude emails to teachers and staff. She then logged onto the school grading system and changed all of Michelle’s grades to an F.

A few days later as Mikayla was doing her makeup Michelle screamed in horror. “Look Mom! It is exploding it has gotten 25,000,000 views. At school everyone threw food at me and called me names! I can’t take it anymore.” “Who could have posted this?” Mrs. Bell said calmly while sipping her lemon tea.
Mikayla walked into the living room and set her Louis Vuitton purse down.
“Hey Mom!” she said happily.
Mrs. Bell merely looked up and smiled. Mikayla walked to her room and gasped.
Beca, Alina and Serena had made a humongous card for Mikayla. They apologized to her and got the whole 9th grades’ signature over the lunch bag incident. Mikayla smiled and took a picture of it and sent it to Beca and her friends: Thanks Besties:) Love ya, ttyl
She climbed into bed after her nightly skincare routine. Ring! Ring! Mikayla jumped and ran downstairs towards the phone. “This is probably that lady from Teen Vogue!” Mikayla squealed.
“Hello is this Mikayla Bell? We would like to make an appointment with you for an upcoming fall edition photoshoot. Yes you got selected and don’t bring your friends. They seem too normal.” Mikayla jumped up and down this day couldn't get any better.
“Wake up Miki!” Mrs. Bell shouted out. She placed pancakes and syrup on Mikayla’s name plate. Mikayla looked into the mirror with her plaid skirt and pink ruffled tank top. She ran downstairs to the shoe rack and wore a high-heeled pink Versace.

“Did Teen Vogue call back?” Beca squealed during lunch.
“No, I’m Sorry!” Mikayla said feeling guilty. It wasn’t her fault for being so beautiful.
After school she had an appointment at the mall. She crept into Glam-all and sat in the back of the store. This time a young lady with lanky legs walked in.
“Hello Mikayla! I am Ms. Greenbaum the director of this Fall Edition photo shoot. Let’s get started shall we?” Ms. Greenbaum said while sitting in a tall chair labeled director.

“I think I want this green skirt please!” a girl sounding like Beca said. Mikayla walked to the front of the store.
“Hey Miki!” it was indeed Beca.
“Mikayla are you ready for the photoshoot?” Ms. Greenbaum shouted.
“What! You lied to me?” Beca said. She stormed away with Selena and Alina next to her.
Mikayla walked to the back of the store with tears in her eyes. She wiped them off and changed into her first costume. After around three hours she was done. Exhausted, she walked home to find Michelle crying over the video. Michelle looked up at Mikayla and gave her a horrifying glance. There were now tons of parodies of the video. Mikayla walked upstairs and flopped onto her bed.

The next day she sat alone in the lunchroom and during class. Michelle also sat alone during lunch and in class. No one wanted to be talking to liars and weirdos. Michelle and Mikayla walked home together crying about their day. They both sat near the fireplace to talk about how sorry they were to each other.
“I still love you no matter how amazing I am!” Mikayla said smiling.
Michelle made some lemonade and climbed into bed with her favorite audiobook plugged into the computer. Mikayla fell asleep with her favorite Selena Gomez song on the radio. The two girls woke up in the morning and walked together to school. They sat together during lunch and classes. The next few months were a blast for the two girls. They had no friends but themselves.

The new Teen Vogue magazine Fall Edition was here and it was amazing!
There were many cards and gifts for Mikayla. Mikayla got a call from Teen Vogue saying that they were interested in another photoshoot. This time Mikayla took Michelle.

“They absolutely loved you Michi! We also got signed a deal for a clothing line!” Mikayla explained to her family.
“That is great! I'm so proud of you girls. You hated working with each other, but now you are best friends and business partners! I couldn’t be more happy,” Mrs. Bell said.
They were sisters by chance, but best friends by choice and they were together forever.

The author's comments:

I have always had a love for movies and books about twins, so I decided to put my own spin on it and make it an interesting teen relaistic fiction story that everyone can relate to. 

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