Freedom or Nature

February 13, 2017
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Everyday Monica would pass by this beautiful forestry called Tanglewood Forest on her way to work. Monica would love passing by it because it made her curious. She would think if there was anything living in there or how many trees and plants made up the forest. As soon as she got to work she would tell her co-workers about it and they would say “Oh, Tanglewood? That’s not going to be there for long”. “Why is that?” asked Monica, very surprised. “Because in a couple of days that’s going to be a shopping center! Where you can buy all your groceries such as your organic fruit, organic veggies, organic water,” said Liz her co-worker. “Organic water,”? asked Monica, annoyed. “Plus you know that’s how the government works, you know they love making money, they don’t care about these trees or the living things that come wiith them

After work she passed by the forest again just to find some big monster tractor on the field. She immediately parked in front of the construction site and asked the guy nearest to her what was going on? He replied, “Well the mayor just decided that this is going to be a supermarket! So that's what we gonna do young lady.” “But it’s not fair, what’s going to happen to the animals”? Said Monica. “Well if the industry wants it we’re going to do it you know HEB is everywhere and they payed for this land so it’s going to happen yound lady sorry about that. I guess these animals are going to go to the zoo.” said the construction worker. “What zoo?” asked Monica. “Well the only zoo we have in this town Mysburry zoo.” said the worker. “Mysburry zoo? That zoo already holds 3x the capacity it was meant to have.” said Monica. “Well I guess the older animals in the zoo are going to be executed, there isn’t anymore forests or areas that can sustain wildlife ever since the new mayor came in and let the industries tear the complete nature out of this place.” said the worker.

Monica couldn’t believe it, she knew she needed to do something. She knew that she had to go talk to the industries and the mayor together. The next day Monica tried to go into the mayor's office and ironically he wasnt there he was at a ribbon cutting event from a new HEB that has just opened. Monica did the unthinkable. She went to the construction site where she knew she would find the mayor and the industry together in one place and said “HEY! Stop killing our nature for money stop destroying these animals homes! Everyone immediately looked. The mayor stood up and said “Who are you get out of here you environmentalist freak.” “Hey she’s right I saw a deer crossing the street with its family because it got torn away because of you, said someone in the crowd.” The owner of HEB looked at the mayor like what's the problem.

The owner of heb decided that it was best to cancel the project because it would cause a lot of bad publicity and people would start to think that heb is an animal killing company and left the cereomy. Afterwards Monica was extremely happy because now that the project got canceled the animals would still be able to live there. She saw the mayor leaving and decided to go and talk to him. “Because of you this city lost a lot of money! You will pay for this oh yes you will.” said the mayor.

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