Summer of 14

February 5, 2017
By Jane_White BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Jane_White BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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IT all but seemed like years since she was killed. I still remember Her sweet voice when she sings and her lavender perfume she used to wear. Oh how did it gave me a headache but at times I would willingly give up everything to have a headache because of her.
To eat her warm homemade cookies baked to Perfection, golden brown chocolate chip cookies.I still have the blue summer dress she made for me which went with her pink bikini. She gave it to me 3 days before that fateful night three summers ago I do believe the summer 14. We were just teens doing what's right, we good grades and we relied on each other.It was that boy we met at that pool. The Untamed curly blonde hair and his ocean blue eyes that made her swoon. I never did believe he would do any harm.Little did we know he was 29. Young he looked about 15.Never did they go on a date without me and Ben,his friend. My friend she changed with that boy. She did things she never planned to do. He tricked her, He tricked me into believing he was 17. About every week he claimed he said he was older than he led the first day we met. Behind in school, she became.I told her that her man lied but she refused to agree that her man was really 33. I write this to warn all those who read.Your perfect man may not be all you see.He took her out to the woods for a picnic he said. I chose not to go.  Ben did tell that he planned  evil but  stop her I could not. next day she was gone. With him behind bars, I cried for her death. I still do miss my best friend.

The author's comments:

I heard onthe news that older men tricked teen girls and then did horrible things to them. Protect yourself.........from evil!!!

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