Where is it?

November 22, 2016

Where is it?

Come on, 3 minutes... almost there, 2..., this is taking forever...1...! The bell rang and I jumped off my desk to get out of school as fast as I could. It wasn’t only the last day of school, it was also the day the record store was restocking their albums. I really wanted some Led Zeppelin albums to add to my collection. I hadn’t been able to buy any records for some time. All my money went on gas for the car. I couldn’t wait to hear some new albums in my room until my neighbor made me lower the volume.
One of my best friends, Mike, was on the football team. He would always get invited to the best parties, and of course, I would always tag along with him and the other football gorillas. Some chicks even thought I was on the team with them. This surely came in handy now and then in the parties . Today, the last day of school, wasn’t going to be an exception. There was going to be a huge gathering by the lake that night. Filled with kegs, filled with girls, and probably some bags of “oregano.” Who would say no to that, am I right? It is going to be THE party of the year. Nothing could go wrong.
Mike was too excited about the party,  “Man, this party is going to be rocking! Amanda Pains is going to be there, and tonight, she’ll be mine…”
“Like there’s chance you fool! Amanda pains is a nun compared to the rest of the girls in our school. You think she’s going to let YOU touch her? YOU out of all the football team?” I couldn't help it and started laughing in his face. “After all the girls you've been with...HA, I don't think so.”
“Hey, hey... next year I am going to be starting quarterback. If anyone in this lame town has a chance with her tonight, it’s me!” Giving a few laps on his chest. “Plus, she doesn't know whom I've been with.”
I rolled my eyes, stealth wasn't within Mikes qualities,“Wait! Did you just say you are going to be the starting quarterback next year?”
“Yup! Talked with the coach just before leaving”
“DUDE! This is awesome! Do you think you'll get a scholarship or something?”
“Well, I will have to keep on training over the summer. It is too early to talk about a scholarship, too.” The talk was starting to get serious. “Either way, all of this is something to worry about tomorrow. Tonight, we party our minds out!”
Mike had every reason to be optimistic about the party. He kept on babbling and babbling about his plans for the night all the way to the record store. I never paid much attention to any of his plans if it involved a girl. I was enjoying the music in the car's cassette player instead. He was always inventing plans to get girls, but in the end, it all ended up in the same sentence, “I am on the football team.” Annoyingly, it worked most of the time.
Mike pulled over in front of the record store just to drop me off, “Hey Johnson! Hurry up and get those records. I am going to my house to get changed and then I am coming to pick you up!”
“Sure thing man! See you later”
I bought the record and went straight home. I took a quick shower put on my clothes and of course, I put on my brother’s necklace. It had become my lucky charm since the moment he left to Vietnam. I really missed him, he was the one that introduced me to Zeppelin. God he is going to be so jealous of my record collection when he gets back. When he left, I barely had some records, now it seems as if every inch of my room and the basement was covered in posters and records. He never lent me his records, I ain't lending him mine when he gets here.
I opened my eyes the next morning after the party. By far the best party ever! Mike was sleeping in his bed. I was really hungry so I tiptoed downstairs to fetch something to eat. When I got down Mike’s mom had just hung up the phone.
“It was your mother. She says you should get moving and get home as soon as you can!”
“Yes ma'am!... Do you think maybe you could you give me a ride?”
“Take Mike's car, I don't think he will mind this time.”
“I don't think he will mind this time.” What was that all about? I didn't want to leave mike's home. I wanted to brag in front of his face how I'd made out with Amanda after she blew him off.
Driving home I noticed my brother's necklace wasn't hanging around my neck. I started getting a strange feeling in my stomach. What if he didn't made it? What if I never get to see him again? What was that call all about? “I don't think he will mind this time”. You could hear the engine roaring as the speed went up.
I got to my porch, opened the door. There he was, in front of me. Holding one of my new records.
“Long time no see little brother...”

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