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November 13, 2016
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It’s funny, isn’t it, how names have lost their power? Long ago, to know a name of a foe could be one's greatest asset. Odysseus withheld his name from Polyphemus in order to withhold power from his grasp.

Her name is a rarity. If it were screeched down the corridors, silence could only fall. The deaf, worshipped, having the ability to deflect the supersonic boom, that is her.
  She wasn’t born with the peculiarity of such an ancient gift, she made it so. She forced the world to command at her touch: bending it to her will, blessing those she admired, cursing the obstructions in her path. She was the personification of life itself.
It may seem as though she is intimidating, but many were confused; she was merely self-determined.
A character so strong has no fears, no feelings, no weaknesses? Wrong. She had a strong armour, but emotions were the chinks. She felt others pain through and through: a true green aura-heart chakra. She feared herself and her power. Saw herself as a threat to the world rather than an asset. When we needed her the most, she disappeared. She's gone now, but the world could never exterminate such a powerful soul- for it’s impossible.
She lives now in five, for none can handle the power she sheathed, not even herself. The five of us: the sinner, the lover, the quirk, the extrovert, and the divergent. We five represent the separate parts of herself that killed her in the end.
Brought together by her death, we all realized the facts; we had her weight to carry with us. Some may think this to be a burden, but we all take it with privilege.
The sinner, is close to their own breaking point. They push, and try, but life's average responsibilities mean nothing to them anymore. Life slapped the sinner in the face hard with the removal of her soul. She meant too much to the sinner, giving them the largest chunk of her soul; the badass portion, inevitably the heaviest weighing part, as she was mostly heroine and rebel. The sinner can now fight harder. They have a ferocious beast within that is a force not to be reckoned with. It protects their allies and those who they care about the most.
The lover, always having a rough time is really stepping it up. They now fight a little harder, cry a little longer, but love so much deeper. The lover takes the tenderness they inhabited and pushes it to a new extreme. They’ve taken this passion into a new, never before seen relationship. The lover still has their home issues, but instead of fighting them with hatred and anger, they push past with adoration for those who support and love them, just as she did.
The quirk, well they’re still quirky. They are quite unique for reasons they didn’t ask for. The quirk was born with a peculiarity that she also held, just in other ways. This has nothing, of course, to do with their purely humorous spirit. They take this, by far, the most seriously. They use their quirks to bring light, pure color, to this dark, hating world. Their character, a purifier of negativity, can turn coal into diamonds, just as she could.
The extrovert, still as personable as before, but now with charm attached. She could open anybody up and find common ground to talk to anybody from anywhere with. This trait now carries through to the extrovert. They can now connect the nerds to the jocks to the preps. They can convey the world to peace and common ground. The extrovert has the unique ability to meld the worlds into one cohesive compound. She could do this, so wonderfully, through debate and conversation.
The divergent, me, hasn’t changed much. I’m more depressed. I’m more sidetracked. Nothing special about not fitting into a box. She used this ability to give the world a new perspective, giving the world new light to issues. She helped people see her side, even though it may have been the craziest thing they’d ever heard of. She could aid others in the change of their opinions. I have not obtained such abilities. She loved me and yet I cannot even carry her with me, not fully anyway, not changing the world as she would have.
The five of us try hard to give the world exactly what was lost August second. We try to command the world at our touch. We try to bend reality. We try to be the catalyst of change. We all realize now the responsibility she held, except it was five times worse.
Her name. A strong, power-emitting word a strong wizard would use as his final strike. She wasn’t born with the power her name emits, she created it. It's only grown since her last breath.
The name that could end all wars, that could clarify all confusions, that could heal all souls. The name that now resides within its owner's closest confidants. The name that could quiet all types of people in this very noisy corridor, Kitara Myatt.

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