Worm War

November 9, 2016
By , cupertino, CA

“What is it?” I asked Jimmy, my best friend. He held out a squirming, scaly, four legged creature out so I could see it. It was blackish brown with a diamond pattern on its back. It tried to wiggle free, but Jimmy held it tight.

     “I caught a lizard!” he said with lots of excitement, with his squeaky little first grader voice, awe-struck.
     “Let’s name it! We can make it our pet!” I said, excited about having a pet. We both thought for some time. After a while of thinking, I finally thought of the name Frank.

     “Good idea!” Jimmy exclaimed. “I will go get box to keep it in!”
He went around, and bent  over to grab a tan plastic plant pot when he dropped the lizard. “No!” He cried, but as quick as a bolt of lightning, I barely snatched it by the tail. It wiggled a bit. Our faces were full of relief.

     “Snap!” The lizard ran like their was a big creature hunting it down. It's tail lay wriggling on the floor. Luckily, Jimmy was right next to me. He grabbed the lizard. He took a look at it, saying “No! Frank!” The lizard lay with its white belly on top.

     “It’s not dead!” I said, happily. “It's pretending.” I had a lot of knowledge of animals by reading books, and I knew it wasn’t dead.

     “It's dead, smarty. how do you know?” Jimmy said in a mean, bully voice.

    “I know it is alive!”


    “Stop lying!”

    “It is just pretending!”

    “It can't stay still for so long! I found it on my property!”
Jimmy decided to bury it, I tried to stop him, but he was much more stronger than me. He quickly took the shovel, dug a hole, tossed the lizard in, quick still lay belly rub in the hole, and buried it. “Jimmy! You need to use your inhaler!” His mom called. He walked inside, sticking his younger at me. “Oh, Yes!” I realized this was my chance to dig out frank, so I grabbed the shovel and I started digging quickly. I was not paying much attention, trying to dig Frank out as quickly as possible. “Squish!” There was pink body parts all over the dirt. Dark red blood spilled into the ground, which will soaked it up. I fell on my knees and screamed, “Noooooooooooooo!!!” I had failed my mission and done the opposite.

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