The Nightclub Raid

November 14, 2016
By Anonymous

It was a dark, cold, winter night on a Friday. It was on this night that my dad, his brothers, and a couple of friends were going out to have some supposed fun. They all jumped into their old car with their water loaded fire extinguishers. They were about to do something very dangerous and foolish but still kind of funny.
They all got out of bed at their own houses and went to a meeting spot where they had a big long 1960´s or 70´s style car. They had brought about four fire extinguishers that had been refiled and pressurized with water and they also brought some long range nozzles for the extinguishers. They all piled into the car and sped off to their destination; the local nightclub. Once they saw the nightclub down the street they stopped rolled down the windows and stuck the nozzles out the window. Then they ¨floored¨ the gas pedal and sped down the street. Just before they reached the end of the line the guys who were holding the fire extinguishers unleashed a powerful torrent of high pressured water on everyone in line. That was pretty stupid because what happened next was not planned.
They decided why not do another round but they were stopped by a traffic light. As funny as it was it was about to get a little more serious. Just as they were going to turn around one of their friends in the back seat yelled at the driver “watch out!” because a guy from the club
Anderton 2
reached into the window to beat him up but the driver stepped on the gas and sped up they swung around in a reckless u-turn and sent the guy, whose arm was still in the car window, flying out into the street. They rocketed down the street, still with angry people chasing them on their motor bikes with knives and bats in their hands. This scared my dad, his brothers, and friends even more so they went way too fast and ended up taking some small back roads. Finally  on one of them they turned to tightly and rolled into a ditch resulting in bad damage to the car.
In the end they crawled out of the car and all of them ran back to their homes as fast as they could. They were lucky to lose the mob in the backroads because they could have been really hurt by them. They were also lucky they survived the crash too. When they all got home I only knew that my dad and his brothers got home and snuck back in and went to bed. My nana never even heard them and and don’t think my dad or his brothers ever told her.
So in conclusion before this happened it might have sounded exciting and adventurous but they never thought about the afterwards of this night. I think it was an exciting story when my dad told me about it but I knew it was still very foolish and dangerous. So what I learned was that always think things through and think about if this will turn out the way you hope it will.

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