November 4, 2016
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The fresh air hit his face as the Atlanta sun reddened his cheeks. He took in a breath looking around him. Dust was collecting around the trees and he thought about how much she’d love it here. The quietness, the trees surrounding the road, sunshine being suffocated by the leaves breaking free here and there. He thought about how how quiet she would stay to hear all the secrets the wind had to whisper to her. The dirt beneath his feet crunched with every step he took down the seemingly forgotten road. The cool breeze tickled his skin as it sent a wave of relief throughout his whole body. Stopping in the middle of the dirt road he closed his eyes and finally he began to think of her. He thought of her laugh and a small smile crept up on his lips. He knew that if she were there she’d complain about the southern humidity but knew that secretly, she loved it. Knew that she would run through the grass and he would have to run after worried what the owner would say if they got caught. Not that it mattered anyway he knew that with a flash of her smile and her charismatic words would set whoever it was at ease instantly, like it did with everyone she spoke to. Sighing he stuffed his hands in his pockets, dropped his head, and tried the shake the thought of her away. His brown hair softly bounced disorganizing itself on top of his head. Opening his eyes he looked up at the sun, the stunning scenery in front of h0im going white and he longed for her to be by his side.

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