The Real Me

November 9, 2016
By Anonymous

Most of the time it's just me, the driver, and 3 other people on a bus, today is no different. In fact, nothing is different. The air smells the same, the temperature is the same, everything. I walked over to a window seat and sat back trying to get precious sleep. I watched people board and depart the bus. Nothing was out of the ordinary. 20 minutes and 52 seconds into the ride I noticed a man who had a unusual twitch and a nervous hop in his steps. He wore a black hoodie that covered most of his face, and long jeans that were ripped in several areas and a few sizes too big. He had faded bloodstains everywhere. Being cautious I decided to keep an eye on him. Two stops later the man, while leaving, took a sleeping ladies’ purse. Naturally I followed him off the bus, “Hey, want do you think you’re doing?” I yelled at him. “None of your business junior, shouldn’t you be doin’ your schoolwork?” the man answered in a gruff voice.

“The purse,”

“Watcha mean, man?”

“I watched take it, don’t you dare pull some crap on me,”

With that he put on a fake, gentle voice and said, “Junior, maybe we can talk about tis’, gentlemen like,” with that he dragged me away from the crowds of people and into a dark, and empty  alley. There were two other men in the alley but they seemed to recognize the man and just nodded and left. Now it was just the two of us. “Now boyo you made me mad, walk away, boy, you wouldn’t want anything to happen now would ya?” he said and he unsheathed a kitchen knife and pointed it at me. 10 years ago I would’ve ran, but things change in 10 years. This is what I wanted, this what I enjoy. I felt excited, I felt the adrenaline coursing through my veins, I sensed time slow down, and I knew a smile has crept onto my face. I watch him lunge at me in slow motion looking for a stab through my vitals. I sidestepped to his slow movements and he takes a blow to the chest. He yells and wildly swings and cuts across my chest, but I don’t feel the pain, the sight of my blood just excites me. I kick in the stomach knocking the wind, and knife, away from him. He tries to scramble away, but he ain’t getting far. I body slam him into the wall, and he groans while I restrained his arms and held him there.

“Now, there are two ways to end this, either you cooperate with me and you walk to the station yourself, or I beat you until you will never walk again and I drag you there,” I said. “P-P-P-Please, please no, please no more, I will cooperate, I will cooperate, just don’t hurt me, please d-d-d-don’t hurt me” the man stuttered. I pulled out my phone and called the police, a few minutes later the I heard the familiar whoop-whoop of the cop car, my first instinct was to run but now I know better, “Good job, junior, but who the hell are you?” the cop said. “Me? Why I’m just a college student who needs to get home,” and so I walked back to the bus station and continued as usual.


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