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November 9, 2016

Today was the big day, the day my friend and I found out what football team we had made. The day started off slow with me rolling out of bed and checking my phone where I had noticed i got an email from our schools coach. The email had said that the results for those who had made the team so as you could imagine I hoped out of my bed and rushed to the cafeteria where the list was posted and on there way I had called my best friend to tell him if he had seen the email about who had made the team and the list was posted but he had told me that had already gotten the email and checked the list and thats where he had informed me that we had made separate teams where i had made the saints and he the giants. We had discussed how that it sucks we are on different teams but we were both still very supportive. After we had got done talking we had said our goodbyes and were on our way to our first football practice him being the giants and me being the saints. It was about 10:30 am and we got done at 2:00pm. After practice we had been informed that our first game would be against, well you guessed, the giants. Now when hearing this news it really sucked knowing that my first game would be against my friend. So later that day we had met up to discuss our practices went and at that point he had said that we were gonna be playing each other and he had started joking around about how his team was gonna beat us which ended up with us arguing and at that point I had just walked away. After that day we didnt really talk anymore. We had just been practicing as much as we can and going to the gym alot and by the time our game was rolling around we had been practicing so much we started letting our grades slip so we had to get caught up. So when the game finally rolled around I had seen him before the game and wished him luck but he had completley ignored me so at that point I was completely done with him so I just wanted to beat him so I had tried my best to beat him so I had tried so hard and ended up getting over heated and passed out which made me later on not able to play to finish the game and my friend ended up breaking his leg not long after. After the both of us had gotten a little better we had talked and apologized which led to us agreeing that we shouldve never let something this stupid get between us and how none of this probably wouldnt have happened if we werent competing so much trying to out do one another so we had both agreed to let our disagreement go and made sure we didnt let anything as stupid as that get between us.

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