The Best Road Trip Ever

November 8, 2016

Madison is sitting up in her bedroom when she hears her mother yell, “come here”.

Madison yells back “if it’s dinner it better not be Biscuits and Gravy!”

Her mother yells back, “You better get your but down here right now.”

Madison makes her way down the stairs into her living room. Then her mother says, “We are going on a family road trip tomorrow.”

“Oh really where are we going mother?” Madison asks while raising an eyebrow.

Her mother responds with, “Drop the sarcasm we are going to Kadina City, Alabama.”

Madison lets out the most sarcastic yay she could. “So what are we going to be doing there?”

“We are going to go antiquing,” she says excitement clearly written all over her face.

“Also you do not have to go with and I have left you 2000 dollars so you can go on your own road trip,” she says.

For the first Madison has actual excitement on her face. “OH EM GEE THANK YOU,” Madison screams.

Madison then runs up her room grabs her cell phone and calls her boyfriend Julian, and says “Jules do you want to go on a road trip with me tomorrow.”

Julian says, “yes Mads.”

Then Madison calls her best friend Liz. Liz picks up and Madison says, “Liz want to go on a road trip with me and Jules tomorrow?”

Liz says, “Well duh of course Maddie where are we going to go.”

“We are going to go to Kansas City, Missouri,” Madison says.

Liz says, “Sweet I’m going to go and pack my stuff now bye” and hangs up.

Then Madison goes to bed. In the morning she wakes up and calls her friend Molly.

Molly answers and Madison says, “I know it’s last minute but do you want to go on a road trip today with me, Liz, and Julian.?”

“HECK YES,” Molly shouts. Then Madison gets her shoes on then her mother says,”I need to tell you something you get to take your little brother Jackson with you.”

Madison looks at her mother in horror and yells, “WHAT WHY WHAT THE HECK.”

Her mother says, “Get over it.”

Madison then says, “Fine.”

Jackson comes skipping out of his room and says, “Hahaha sucks to be you.”

Madison gets in her van and tells Jackson, “Get in the backseat little boy.”

“Kiss my but,” Jackson says.

Madison drives to Julian’s house. He gets in the passenger side and says, “Hi Maddie and Hi little dude.”

Jackson proceeds to tell Julian to “Kiss my but.”

Julian looks at Jackson weirdly and says, “Uh no thank you.”

Madison glares at Jackson and says, “Shut up you little brat.”

Madison then goes and pick up Liz. Liz crawls into the back seat with Jackson.

Liz says, “Hey Maddie Hey Butthead and Hey Jules.”

Madison drives to Molly’s house and Molly hops into the backseat with Liz and Jackson.

Molly says, “Hi everyone.”

Jackson says, “Hi Molly.”

“It’s going to take a while to get to Kansas City.” Madison says and keeps driving. She keeps on driving until she gets pulled over in Minnesota.

The cop says, “License and registration please.”
Madison hands the cop her license and her registration.

“You know why I pulled you over right,” the cop says.

Madison says, “No.”
The cop says, “Your back tail light is broke.”

“Oh I did not realize,”Madison says.

The cop says, “It’s okay you just need to go get it fixed though and you are free to go.”

Madison then goes and gets her tail light fixed.

Madison continues to drive after that then all of a sudden Jackson starts messing with her.

“You suck Madison,” Jackson says.

Madison rolls her eyes and says, “dude shut up I’m trying to drive.”

Jackson responds with, “Fudge you.”

Madison just says, “Whatever” and continues to drive.

Then they get to Avoca, Iowa.

“Ew what are we doing here doesn’t your ex lives here,” Julian asks.

Madison looks at him and says, “yea he does but he’s not a concern we are just here to get gasoline and then we are leaving,”

Then Madison keeps driving, then she starts to smell a funny smell.
Then out of nowhere Jackson says, “I just had an accident.”

Madison stops at the nearest Quick Trip and cleans up Jackson’s mess. When they finally make it to Kansas City it is midnight and is pouring rain.

Madison responses by yelling, “Meh!”
The End

The author's comments:

I had fun writing this.

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