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After the End

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There's nothing worse than stepping in acid. The feeling burns through your entire body burning the skin and causing you to collapse on the ground. Luckily I was wearing shoes which semi protected me from the injury. I was on my way home from the market. Pretty much the only market in my area. I’ve lived here my whole life and ever since the war broke out there's been acidic puddles everywhere.

We’re required to wear these metal boots that are “supposed” to help you withstand it if you accidently step in it. But of course they have a price, it costs a ton and weigh like 20 pounds. It’s literally impossible to walk in them, I don’t know anybody that has them but I see adults wear them and it’s really funny watching them walk in them. However back to what’s important, the world is in a recreation era where were all helping remake our areas.
It sucks because when you're not careful you could open up something like a box and toxic smoke will come out. The war was nuclear and it was horrific, I have lived through the war since I was 6. I’m 15 now and finally its over. I don’t know how we survived...a nuclear bomb landed almost 500 miles away but we had to get into a bunker for 4 days. I stopped by the hospital to get some bandages because it was getting worse and I was starting to get a limp.

“What do you need kid?” The nurse said grabbing a clipboard and pen.

“I um, stepped into another AP.” (AP is what we call acid puddles because apparently were too lazy to add 9 more letters to our sentences.

“Weren't you here last week aswell with a broken ankle?” She answered back at me with cold eyes staring into oblivion. I broke a smile and told her that was my brother even though he died in the war. She seemed to believe me then took out some bandages and told me to be careful and stay at home. It was quite a lonely walk all my friends were sleeping since they are living sloths. I walked up my porch and sat down in my grandpa’s rocking chair.

Instantly he must have sensed someone in his chair because he slammed through the door with his cane and said
“Who dares sit in my rocking chair!” Swinging around his cane like he's holding a lightsaber. “Oh it's just you Makii.” Makii was our last name but my grandpa just calls me by it.

“I’m tired grandpa I stepped into a acid puddle and the nurse at the hospital gave me some bandages.” I held up my leg to show him the red foot covered in horribly wrapped bandages.

“Well you need to be more careful Makii. You know that stuff could kill you!” I sat up groggily and started to limp to my friend Mark's house. He had big smile on his face when he opened the door and told me that we could go to the wheel. The wheel was a old abandoned ferris wheel him and I have been trying to get working for years. While we walked we talked about how funny people looked when wearing the metal boots. It was an oncoming joke in our friendship because people always act like their more important then give us this big talk about what they do and how were peasants and walk away like a drunk. When we arrived he told me he has a surprise, he tells me to stay here and close my eyes. I do what I’m told and hear cranking and the sound of old rusty gears grinding. I peek and gawk, before me is the lit up ferris wheel working like it did when we were kids. I stare at him and asked him how it’s working.

“I found the piece of metal we needed to fix the engine. We run up to it and sit down as it goes around and around. For the first time since the war I was relaxed but of course I can't be happy for long.

“No way...Quick run to the bunker!” I look up and see a plane moving in and the sound of nuclear sirens coming from the town. We rush down the hill to the bunker and hope our families are there. We both share the bunker since our families are so close. We leap into the bunker and he hits his head on the shelf of soup. “Gah!” He yelled and we looked around the large bunker for our families because there are separate rooms. No sign of our families they seem to be stuck somewhere. Then I think, that stupid door! It always gets stuck. They're going to die! I run for the exit to get them but Mike tackles me to the hard floor.

“It's not worth it Kai!” He slams the door shut and locks it as the huge explosion hits the earth with a tremendous blow we feel it like a earthquake.

“Our families...their dead.” He looks at the ground and then at me. “We have to survive.” he exclaims. “We have to.”

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