Ballerina in a Crystal Ball

October 11, 2016
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    She was twirling aimlessly on one foot, 'Dancing'. She was kept in a crystal ball, her hands forced up into the air. Society did this to her, making her dance for their own amusment with countless sterotypes.


    She was told what and what not to do, making her chains tighter, the Crystal ball bigger, and making her more into a 'proper lady'. She was put up for show, another girl put up in the spotlight. She wants to break free, but society refuses to let her.


   She starts to dance again, hearing them laugh and taunt her. She dances harder, her porciline skin slowly cracking. She was breaking free. Hard and harder, she spun, she twitched, She danced. Chunks of her broke off, slowly revealing a soul more pure than god's.


    The glass starts to break and shatter around her, screams echoing in her mind to stop until.. She was there. She saw trees, grass, the feeling of freedom. She was free, she was finally free.

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