February 21, 2009
By Alexandra BRONZE, Raymore, Missouri
Alexandra BRONZE, Raymore, Missouri
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I hear the waves beat against the rocks on the shore. Even though I've never been to the ocean or any beach. I see the northern lights in the sky. Even though I never visited Alaska. Even though I?m in my closet hiding from the world, just sitting there with nothing but my books and BoBo. (My sock monkey/best friend) I have an amazing imagination and it?s all I need. My closet is the best place in the whole world. Here, no one can hurt me, annoy me, or see me at my worst.
And that?s my life; I go to school and come here ready to hide from the world again today. This, time though, when I came home and climbed the stairs, went through my room and shut the closet door I started to cry. Which really bugged me. I don?t really don?t even know why, I just couldn?t stop. As the tears raced down my cheeks I started to think. The people in my brain were screaming ?WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE?. I asked them, ?Out of where?? ?OUT OF HERE!? They relpied, ?THIS HOUSE, THIS TOWN! GO ANYWHERE BUT HERE!? And without thinking I did exactly that. I got up, packed a backpack with one set of spear clothing, food, extra money, and a book.
After that I left. Still not knowing where I?m going, got in my car and headed north. I went so far without stopping, traveling through six states. Now getting gas and took a nap in the car. When the sun hit the glass of the windows bighting the inside of the car I got up. And kept going, passing a little bit through Canada and I get there. I found a small Motel and unpacked. I didn?t plan to be long but still made myself at home. I went across the street where a small store sat. I went in and the clerk asked, ?What ya need?? I replied, ?Don?t really know.? ?Ah, not from around here are ya?? And before I had the time to answer he said, ?Well I hope you like Alaska. You know the northern lights should be visible from here tonight.? As I grab a water bottle and walked over, I smiled and said, ?I'll be sure to see it.? He smiled back and as a grab my wallet he says, ?It?s on the house.?
That night I saw the northern lights. Also I figured out why I started to cry the other day. It was because I was missing out on life. Instead of hiding from the world I should have been embracing it, and a part of me knew that. That?s why I ran. Who knows? Next, I might do to the beach.

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