February 20, 2009
The cloak he wore was long, black and line with fur inside. He was of muscular build, tall and very handsome. I know that I shouldn?t think that but still. He was a jock and I was a band geek. He played football, wrestling and cross country. I did the marching band and concert band and also the fan clan. So anything dealing with band you would be able to find me there. If you looked at me you would see that I?m tall, skinny with medium length hair with good toned muscles. If you looked carefully you would see the problem that I see. A jock and a geek do not belong together.
Anyways it was the school dance when it all began. The dance was at our high school. I was a sophomore and so was he. I had come to the dance alone only to dance with my friends. As soon as I stepped through the doors I was bombarded with music and swaying bodies. Dresses and tuxedoes every where you looked. I was wearing a plain black knee length dress. I spotted some of my friends in the back corner. I wedged myself through the throng of people. While I was wedging myself through the people, could you guess who I bumped into? Him. Him = Brandon. While I mumbled an apology he looks me over quickly and said ?you look nice.? Then his attention was drawn back to his girlfriend. I felt myself blush and a smile creeping on. I looked down and concentrated on getting through the throng of people to my friends. After that the night passed quickly with lots of laughs. After it ended I was walking back to my truck when I heard two people arguing. I looked around to see where it was coming from it was Brandon and his girlfriend. I heard her yelling about someone that he had been watching during the dance instead of her. I didn?t get to hear who this mysterious person was but I did hear her say ?since you like that geek more than me. Why don?t you go out with her? Since we ARE OVER.? She slapped him hard across the face and walked back to the limo that they had came in and left. I walked past trying to act like I didn?t hear a thing. I got into my truck buckled in and started the engine. I turned on the radio and switched it to my favorite station. I was about to put the gear into drive when I heard a knock on my window. I looked out to see Brandon standing with half his face was red. Curious to what he wanted I rolled down my window and waited for him to speak. It took him a minute of silence for him to realize that I wouldn?t be the first one to speak. ?Um hi Sadie. I was wondering since.? He looked around. ?You?re the only one leaving and since Rachael took the limo if I could get a ride home from you? I don?t live that far away so you wouldn?t have to spend much gas. Would it be okay?? he sounded hopeful. Would it be okay? Heck yes it was! My heart racing with the thoughts of him in my truck sitting besides me. Something that I only dreamed of. Now it would come true. With a calm face so not to betray my emotions I replied ?sure it?s okay Brandon. I don?t mind.? Once the words left my mouth, this happy look crossed his face and he walked to the passenger door. I unlocked it and waited for him to buckle in and get comfortable before I took off. I shifted gears and pulled slowly out. Once we got going in the right direction to his house the tension that seamed to fill the truck disappeared slowly. Slowly but surely we both got comfortable in each others presence. After awhile the silence got unbearable. I reflect on this conversation a lot. Brandon didn?t look at but straight ahead. Why he didn?t look at me is still a mystery. ?I bet you heard Rachael yelling at me. I?m sorry that you had to hear that. Please don?t think badly about her or me because of that. It?s been a hard time lately. We?ve only been going out for about two years now and she is moving ahead a little to fast for my liking. She wants to start family but I?m not. Since I won?t agree with her, she thinks that I don?t love her anymore.? I couldn?t think of anything to say to that but ?I did hear someone yelling but I didn?t know who it was. Also I would never think badly about you or her. We all go through hard times. It?s acceptable.? I sneaked a look over at him to see that the red that was spreading over his face wasn?t because of the slap but a blush. I could feel myself blushing too. We sat in silence with the radio making the only sound. Bandon broke the silence first. ?My house is right there. The big Victorian one.? I pulled into the drive way and stopped and shifted to park. We just sat there looking at the beautiful 2 story red Victorian house. I cleared my throat and said ?here you go. Sorry for your fight with Rachael.? Brandon seemed confused at first then snapped back to the present. ?Thanks for the ride. I guess I?ll see you at school on Monday.? He unbuckled and opened the door and climbed out and closed the door after him. I watched him walk up the pathway to the door and went inside. I shifted to reverse and backed out of the drive way and headed home. Never realizing or seeing the black mustang that was following me home. It was a Saturday night and by the time I got home was around midnight. I didn?t feel at all tired after everything that had happened. So I made a quick decision and went down to my training room in the basement. My training room was something you wouldn?t expect. It was full of weapons of every kind. Whips, axes, daggers. Every weapon that you could think of was there. I could use those weapons in different combos without a trouble. I am a weapons master. Able to use everything to my advantage. For a few hours I went through routines that I had learned and then practiced moves that I had thought of the day before. Finishing the last practice moves I wiped down all the weapons that I had used and put them back. I wiped the sweat of my forehead and went up stairs to take a shower. Before that I made sure that all the windows and doors were locked and that the alarm was on. Then I went up stairs took a shower and went to bed. Never knowing that I was being watched until I found out Monday. I was practically slept the rest of the weekend. Only to get up to eat, take a shower and do homework. Mostly I slept until Monday morning. I woke up Monday to get ready for school but what I woke up to was enough to make me forget school. The whole house was torn up. Everything has slices in them or was broken to bits. I walked around to catalogue the damages that I saw. They weren?t really that bad but annoying. I glanced at the clock and realized that if I didn?t hurry that I would be late for school. I hurried back to my room but stopped when I saw that note stuck on my door. It was pinned by a kitchen knife. The note said.




I had little idea what it meant. But one thing stood out that scared me. Hunter. Someone knew that I was a hunter of night. Someone had made the connection between the fact I?m good at fighting and tracking at night and that I notice more then most people do. I someone had found out the I belonged to a ancient guild. . I thought < another problem>. I tried to push the note out of my mind as I rushed to get ready and get to class on time. I had barley made it to class when I realized that Rachael was sitting next to me. < This just keeps getting better.> I thought and slumped down in my seat and tried to get through another day. I made it to lunch without anything happening. My friends and I usually sat in the back corner where we could see everything that went on without being bothered. I was attempting an attack on my jello and failing at it when I heard a cough behind me and it took one look at my friends to figure out who it was. Hoping that my friends were wrong and not wanting to be disappointed if it wasn?t that person. I turned around slowly to look at the person behind me. My friend?s faces weren?t lying. Brandon stood there with a plate of food in his hands. I tried to look like I didn?t have my hear trying to jump out of my chest or the fact I had this humongous crush on him. I looked him in his eyes and managed to say ?can I help you Brandon?? without my voice squeaking at all. He chuckled < my heart did a tap dance at that.> and said ?I was wondering if I could sit with you girls today. Only if its okay.? We all looked at each other with the same meaning. The ?you could have anything you asked for.? Look. Before I could reply my friend tiffany replied ?sure. There?s a empty seat by Sadie or there?s a seat by Stephanie.? He chose the seat by me. I went back to attacking the jello and talking about the movies that we wanted to see. Brandon wasn?t like most jocks that I had met before. Most jocks were dumb and could only talk about one thing. But Brandon never did that. You could actually talk to him and actually enjoy it. Unknowing to us at the lunch table that my day would get worse. Gist my backpack was stolen only to show up at the principles office at the end of the day. Second I was late to class and I forgot my homework too. By 7th hour I was almost begging to die. I looked like crap. There was soda all over my shirt and jeans. My hair was a mess after getting attacked by a volley ball. The only thing that kept me going was the surprise of Brandon walking me to class. I had made it through 7th hour with little trouble trying to figure out why I was getting picked on. I had gone through half this year unnoticed and all of a sudden I?m being picked on again. It took me awhile to figure out the reason out that I couldn?t have waited for the bell to ring. As soon as it did I grabbed my stuff and rushed out of the room only to bump into Brandon. As soon as we were walking again I told him my theory about how since we started talking that I was being tortured. Because they didn?t like the fact that I was talking to him. I could see him thinking it through and was about to say something when the principle came over the intercom saying ?Sadie day to the principles office please.? I instantly felt scared. I had never been to the principle?s office before. Why now? I said a quick good bye to Brandon and ran to the office. As soon as I stepped into his office I saw my backpack sitting by his desk. Relief flooded through me. The principle didn?t even look up from his paper work to say ?I believe this is your?s? I found it outside my office after lunch.? I said a quick ?thank you sir.? Grabbed it and walked out. Brandon was waiting for me outside the office door. I stepped out and we continued our walk never saying why I was called to the principle?s office. He walked to me to my truck said a ?good bye ?and left. I climbed in, locked the doors started it up and looked through my back pack to see if anything was missing. Nothing was gone. I buckled in and drove home. Only to drop my backpack on my bed and clean up the mess. By the time the mess was cleaned up it was supper time. I put a sandwich together and rushed up the stairs to do my homework. The homework was easy and I had it done in a hour. With nothing to do I went online to check my email. Most of the emails were junk. There was a email from someone I didn?t know with a subject that said ?watch you?re step hunter of night. I know who you are.? The email mostly consisted of telling to watch my back and that if I didn?t stop hanging out with Brandon that my secret would be told. Blah Blah Blah. I deleted that one and logged off. It was still early to go to bed so I decided to go for a jog. I put some sweats on made sure that everything was locked and the alarm was on and that I had my cell and went for the jog. I usually jog about three miles but to day I felt restless. I probably jogged about six miles before I noticed it was dark out. I checked my phone it was nine o?clock. I couldn?t believe three hours had passed without me realizing it. I turned around and walked back. I was about two miles away from home when got jumped by Rachael and her friends. I didn?t notice them waiting in the shadows of a birch tree until they attacked me. Once I got my bearing on who was attacking me I decided to not fight back. That was not normal for me. I would usually fight back. I let them slap, hit, nail and even kick me because I knew that when they were done that I would be told why they attacked. Sure enough ten minutes afterworld. Rachael came up to me with this huge smile all the bit**** wear and said ?so even though you were warned to stay away from him you didn?t. I told you that if you didn?t stay away from him that you would be taught you?re place. Did you listen? No. I?ll give you a few more chances. To make sure you don?t mess up again because if you do you will be get hurt.? She motioned to the others turned and walked away. If I had a knife with me at that moment, when her back was turned to me I would have killed her. Who did she think she was telling me what to do. Puleaze it was the first day of the week and the first time Brandon and I actually talked together. It wasn?t liked we were all over each other. I thought. But still I got beat up because she was jealous that I was talking to Brandon. I had been warned twice now just because I didn?t listen to the stupid warnings. She thought she could attack me when ever she wanted. But she was wrong. I would get my revenge. I walked the rest of the way home thinking of was to piss Rachael off more. When I got home I disabled the alarm to get in only to arm it again. Made sure that all door?s were locked and went to bed. I didn?t feel like going to school the next day so didn?t. I woke up around noon to eat, take a shower and go to my training room and worked out. I kept working out until I figured he would be home and called his house. He picked up on the second ring. ?Hello?? man his voice was sexy. On the second ?hello?? I said the speech that I had been practicing. All day I had been going over everything that would make me a target for Rachael. Slowly at first everything clicked to place. The night of the dance when she was yelling at him about liking someone else and couldn?t stop looking at that some one. She had been talking about me. That was when I realized all the signs. That he had a crush on me too. So after realizing everything did I start to think up a plan. Rachael would tell everyone my secret if I didn?t stop talking to Brandon. So once I told him everything that I had figured out he quickly agreed and helped put the plan into motion. It took a week for the supplies to get to my house. Once everything and everyone we told was ready all we had to do was wait. We didn?t have to wait long. About two weeks after the supplies came she made her move. She first spreaded it by txt and email. Finally she put up the posters saying that I was a hunter of night. We waited a few days after she made her move to make ours. We all came to school one day wearing t-shirts and hats with the hunter of night across them. Across the back of the t-shirt it said ?We are the Hunters of night. Hunting is our game.? Club. See we knew that if I had been alone to stand up to Rachael alone then I wouldn?t have made it. But with all of us together we used her own weapon against her. Instead of me being the one that was being laughed at it was her. She had tried to make everyone believe that I belonged to a ancient guild. But to everybody it looked like she was puling their chain. Rachael was so embarrassed and pretty mad that she ended up leaving me alone after that. Though a few day?s after the plan went down and worked I gave her a little visit. Gave her a freight when she woke up to see me in her room that one night. I delivered her this one message. ? you better leave me alone because if you don?t ?you? will be the one that gets hurt not me.? She never bothered me or any of my friend ever again. The weeks after our plan. Our ?club? was a big hit. We had so many people coming up to us about it and that after a while I had to set up a email called for them to email all their questions to and their begging?s to join. As for me and Brandon well I must say that we started going out a month afterward.. its been a couple of years since then. I graduated with Brandon and we bought a house together. We?re getting married in a year. Sometime I check the hunter of night email to see if there is any new mail. There always is. It feels good to look back at these years especially sophomore year after that one dance. I finally told Brandon that truth about me and that fact I am a Hunter of night. He was surprised but happy and a few months of training he became one to.
I like to say this. Always be yourself and never let anyone push you around. Always stand up for your self and if you have any comments or questions about the life style and stuff related to the life of a Hunter of night don?t be scared to email at Thanks for reading this and good bye.

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Captain said...
Jan. 5, 2011 at 2:45 pm
love your work baby
firebane replied...
Aug. 14, 2012 at 9:41 am
thank you that is nice to know that you enjoyed it. -twilightlover  
twilightlover replied...
Aug. 30, 2012 at 8:38 am
why thank you maybe sometime we can trade ideas for work
twilightlover said...
Mar. 18, 2009 at 2:45 pm
it's kind of weird. but its stil okay too.
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