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October 10, 2016
By DJRAVS BRONZE, London, Other
DJRAVS BRONZE, London, Other
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On one crisp autumn day, I was sitting on the bench waiting for my friend Roxanne to arrive so we could set off for school together. Minutes turned into hours: my patience started gnawing at my mind- setting free all my negative thoughts. After a while, Roxanne casually turned up with a little mischievous look in her eyes. Casually, she strutted over and plonked herself down next to me.
“And what time do you call this?” I asked with a hint of annoyance                                                                         “Half 8,” she shrugged “Big deal.”                                                                                                                                                                     “Big deal? Of course it’s a big deal! If you`re late again you`ll get suspended.” I fumed “So? We`ll just take the short cut across the park and reach there in two minutes flat.” She replied, fluttering her eyelashes angelically.                                                                                                               “Whatever.” I huffed
She smirked at my annoyed expression but before she could say anything else Spencer, Jamie, Tyler and Leon came into view. Roxanne squealed with delight at the sight of her boyfriend Spencer and pecked him lightly on the cheek. Tyler and Leon wolf whistled whilst Jamie, on the other hand just looked disgusted.
“Yuck. Get a room both of you.” Said Jamie slightly annoyed.                                                                                      Spencer raised his eyebrows mockingly, “Or what?”                                                                                                      Jamie clenched his fists tightly “I`ll… I`ll…”                                                                                                                             
Jamie let out a battle war cry and was about to land a punch to Spencer`s face when Tyler stopped the punch and Leon held back a very furious Spencer. “Twins will be twins.” I sighed to Roxanne who nodded knowingly. Despite the many differences Roxanne and I shared we could never be separated -we were like two halves of a necklace. I don`t care how cliché that might sound I`m just happy I`ve got somebody who has got my back.
Twenty minutes later, I glanced at my watch and belched out, “OMG! I almost forgot, I`ve forgot to help Mr Gills with the display.” Grabbing my bag and slinging it over my shoulder hurriedly. Reluctantly, Roxanne gathered her things too, before giving a longing look at Spencer.“You guys going?” asked Spencer                                                                             “Yeah, you want to come?” Roxanne said, ignoring myannoyed  face.                                                                              “Well I guess we better get going then…” Roxanne trailed off, clearly disappointed and flounced off. I gave the boys an apologetic look before hurrying after Roxanne who tore down the parklike a wrecking ball. Knowing my bestfriend she calmed down after 5 minutes and gradually began to talk to me. But that was when disaster struck.
We were turning around a corner when a sudden flash of a blue blur sent Roxanne tumbling to the ground. The hooded figure grabbed her purse and phone that lay scattered on the ground, before darting across the grass to the children`s playground. Fortunately, the boys noticed and came bounding towards us as I helped up the raging Roxanne to her feet. “What happened?” Spencer asked.                                                                                                                                                                                                         “We …just… got mugged.” Roxanne stuttered, Spencer put his around her.                                                                                   “Are you alright?” Jamie said looking very concerned.                                                                                                                          “No course I`m not alright!” she glared at him, “That was my mum`s phone and the jerk just stole all of this week`s allowance.                                                                                                                                                                          “Wait your Mum`s?” Spencer asked looking quite surprised.                                                                                                                 “Well duh! I took my Mum`s phone this morning because my credit run out from texting you all night!” she shot back looking accusingly at Spencer.                                                                                                                              “You guys have got to get my phone back. If you don`t she`ll chuck me out to live with my Dad!” she wailed the tough girl act disappearing.                                                                                                                                                    “What`s the point? If Spencer and I went they`d probably run away,” shrugged Tyler.                                                                   “I`ll go.” Leon said quietly.                                                                                                                                                                      “You will?” everyone chorused looking surprised.                                                                                                                               “I`ve seen him around the blocks a few times so it should be fine.” He shrugged                                                                          “Well if you are sure.” said Roxanne uncertainly.                                                                                                                               “We`ll wait here by the bench.” Spencer said. Leon nodded and jogged over to the children`s playground. Despite the fact I didn`t know him that well I hope he makes it out alive.
We watched him by the gate silently as he hastily headed towards the playground. “Why has he stopped at the gate?” Roxanne frowned realising he won`t go any further.                                                                                     “It`s easier to run away in case something bad happens,” he replied.                                                                                              “He`s started talking to then” I observed.                                                                                                                                              “The guy is coming closer to the gate.” Tyler said. Two others followed after him. The men yelled orders at each other before running after Leon. “Run Leon!” Spencer yelled realising the danger. Leon panicked and sprinted away. Unfortunately, he wasn`t fast enough- one man knocking him to the ground.
“They`re beating up!” said Tyler looking mortified.                                                                                                                                 “No they`re stabbing him up.” Roxanne said quietly. To make matters even worse one of them saw us and the group of men left Leon on the ground and came bounding towards us. “RUN!” Jamie yelled. Spencer, Jamie, Roxanne and I scrambled off the bench splitting off in different directions. I looked over my shoulder to see Tyler standing on the bench yelling “Leon get up buddy get up.” Leon remained on the floor-lifeless. “Bye buddy.” He whispered to himself before jumping off the bench and running off into the distance. “Violet!” Roxanne yelled. Reluctantly I jumped up the bench and chased after them.
In the distance a police siren wailed as an ambulance drew in. Roxanne, Jamie, Tyler, Spencer and I stood next to each other trying to take in what just happened. It wasn`t a pretty sight, Roxanne burst into tears- mascara running down her face as she sobbed into Spencer`s jacket. Jamie and Tyler looked at the ground horrified about what had just happened.
“Why?” I screamed in my head “Why?”

The author's comments:

This piece was based on something I saw on the news about gang crime. Help people become aware of this and help people to stay safe. 

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