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The Unsent Letter

August 28, 2016
By WarZone PLATINUM, Deltona, Florida
WarZone PLATINUM, Deltona, Florida
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To, The person who'll forget. 


This is the letter I’ll never send to the person who broke my heart again and again.


You treated me like a fool and maybe I was becuase I could never leave you alone.

Even when you shattered my heart and my pillow was filled with tears and screams of a lost girl, because I thought you were my guide.

When we separated you would call me endlessly and text me everyday trying to make me crawl back and I did just that. Believing those empty promises.

Even when you took me back or more like I took you back every other week and the first week was always a rush the next felt like walking on push pins.

My heart will never fully heal well because you took most of it and painted a picture of misery with it.

But you’ll never know that because this is the letter I’ll never send. You don’t deserve this letter, well also you probably don’t care but I have another reason but I’ll mention that later.

Now tell me why we got married? Marriage only made it vividly clear how poisons are relationship was.

When insults turned to threats, than punches at the wall and broken furniture. Were you finally satisfied when you hurt me and my blood painted the floor in a polka dot design?

But I still never left you, what was wrong with me I didn’t know but you always told me that I was weak and without you I would have nothing so I guess I was just that. Well I can never convince you I was nothing but that anyway.

So what finally made me snap? What made me tell you I was done and leave the slightest chance I had. Even though I knew if I messed up the backlash would be even greater than anything I have ever experienced.

You tried your hardest to keep me away from my family and friends but I did meet one of my friends. She’s married now with a kid. Yeah guess who that was, well you probably wouldn’t remember her anyway if she was standing right in front of you. She could see the bruises on my wrist from that day you got jealous. I didn’t want to believe her at first but she begged me till I finally came with her to this counseling sessions and I met many people there. Many new friends you know the things you said I could never have. Many of them were recovering still and many had stories just like ours.


Though that wasn’t my breaking point that was just the beginning of it though. My breaking point was when I ended up in the hospital from one of your fits that turned sour when I wouldn’t wake up after ten minutes and you so kind heartedly decided to call the ambulance for me.Thank you. The reason I say thank you is because you made me say it an unlimited of times. Even though I didn’t want too.

But you’ll never know that because once again this is the letter I’ll never send. Why oh yeah I said I would explain my other reason.

Why will I not send this letter? It’s very simple in fact, I don’t want a response.

I’m in a place that I can look back at those days and call myself a fool but then I hate myself for it because you called me that a hundred too many times, that I have lost count. I’ll never forgot what it feels like to almost drown in blue and red but you’ll forgot what it feels like to hit me.


From, The person who will always remember. 

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