Night Sky

August 23, 2016
By MaeZ. BRONZE, Manlius, New York
MaeZ. BRONZE, Manlius, New York
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The girl looked down the grassy hill. Why was this happening? Did she do something to deserve this? The sky was almost as red as the battered ground. Where was the sun? Far, far away. Maybe in another universe, she guessed. Good, something as beautiful as the sun should never have to witness such horror. The screams of the innocent disappeared into the endless crimson sky. Black smoke was all she could see. No stars, no light. Her stained dress blew in the wind that carried the glowing sparks of abandonment. The softly blowing grass beneath her bare feet was cold compared to the warm glow of the fire beneath her. A small, delicate face, illuminated in the darkness by the incineration of all she had ever known. If she gazed high enough, past the hate and agony, perhaps she could see peace? A cold, black peace that only rose above the smoke by pushing down what surrounds it. An ugly peace. This time was not supposed to come. The sky would never be blue again. The sun would never rise. Her people would never find her. Was it possible to smile? Her mouth wouldn’t move. Instead, a single tear fell down her dirty face. Flames in her glowing eyes. No matter how hard she pressed, she could still hear the horrible sounds of the murder of humanity. She fell to her knees. She opened her mouth to cry out, but knew that anyone who heard her would not help. She screamed and cried until her throat could no longer utter a sound. This is the end of everything I love. Memories turn to ash and rise up into the bloody sky as smoke. There is no point in fighting. No hope in praying. No hope in crying. Why couldn’t humans love each other? Why must we hurt and kill each other? To be strong? No. This was not strength, this was cruelty. This is not power, it is mercilessness. She brought her hands in front of her face. Aren’t we capable of love? Can’t two humans of different backgrounds coexist? Protect each other? Love each other? No. That is impossible. We must kill “them", and protect “us.” That is reality. There is no other way to live. The small frame of the beautiful child shook in the freezing heat. Well, if this is the world we live in, perhaps its better that it goes up in flames. Maybe the hatred will be carried away with the smoke. Hopefully whoever lives in the next world, the one built out of our ashes, may see things differently. She stood up, and walked toward her village. Into her burning home. She laid her head on the warm wood. Slowly she fell asleep, listening to the desperate screams of her friends and family. A final tear fell from her eye, as she watched the ethereal flames climb up all they have created, destroying them while reaching towards infinity. Do we deserve this? At first she believed they didn’t. There is no way anyone could deserve this. It is impossible. But as she closed her eyes for the last time, she thought again. What is impossible anymore? The slaughter of innocent families? The burning of children? The screams of agony that never seem to die away? She understood now that whatever she thought was impossible before is truly and undeniably possible. They couldn’t possibly deserve this. It is impossible. At last, she smiled. Maybe...they did. Maybe they did.

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For a full experience, I recommend listening to "Most Emotional Music Ever: Nightsky" on Youtube, uploaded by HDSounDI.

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