February 26, 2009
By Anonymous

A man was sitting on the pavement of the road. His expressions showed it clearly that he was rejected by his own family. This man had quit his bankers job and as he didnt earn any money he was thrown out of his wife's house. The man named Joe was a person who was full of pride but now was unemployed without a house. He couldnt find a job as he beleived in doing high profile jobs . He wanted to become a bank manager and he even was highly qualified but somehow he couldnt get the job which he liked and ended up as a banker. A job which he quit in a shot span of 1 month. Now sitting in the park he was a pennyless and useless fellow. Now he knew that he could no longer sit in his wife's home while she went to work. He had to do something to support himself.He knew that now no longer he could keep waiting for a bank managers job. He had to do something in fact he could do anything to earn some bread and butter. He kept staring at the cold ground of the park which was covered with dried leaves. It seemed that the park was never sweeped. His thoughts were twriling into his mind. He fell asleep on the bench itself. The next morning as it was Sunday the whole place was full of children and adults who had come there for a picnic. The whole afternoon the place was filled with children and adults and by the time it was noon half of the crowd had melted away in front of his eyes. That night when the whole park was empty he saw how the people had littred the whole place.So he went to the person who was incharge of the park. The man live in a cabin just near the gate of the park. Joe went to the man and asked him a question which he had assumed that he would never ask anyone it the whole world not even his wife. He asked the man that what would he get in return if he would clean the whole park. The incharge was quite surprised but he knew that it was better to hire someone for this job instead of doing it himself. The incharge answered in the most strnagest way. He replied that he couldnt pay him but atleast he could give him a meal two times a day and let him sleep in the empty cabin next to his. Joe was overjoyed to hear this. That night itself he first cleaned the park then the empty cabin which was so dirty that it seemed to be haunted. But after the cleaning was dont the cabin was as good as new. He used to clean the park everyday. It was better to get food than stay hungry. Joe a creative sort of fellow started writing his feelings and funny incidents taking place in the park. He was a happy man now but not satisfied. Once he submitted an incident which had occurred in the park in a magazine . The editor was impressed by his skills and asked him if he could become a columnist for his magazine and Joe quickly agreed. Now Joe writes incidents taking place in the park and his views . He gets paid regularly. He has enough money to buy a big house for himself but he prefers to stay in the cabin in the park and still sweeps the floor. He has realized that struggles in life is something which gives us more exsperience than just directly sitting in an air-conditioned office. He also realized that job is a job and every job has its own benifits.

The author's comments:
These days there are many people who have lost their jobs owning to the economical meltdown but what they dont realize is that there are still many things they can do. If you lose your job its not the end of the world. People want to do high profile jobs which is a natural thing but when you dont have a job you should be open to every job . Thats just a way we can avoid dissapointments.

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