Teens Love Hamlet

February 10, 2009
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Across the room is a sea of teen heads buried in little playbooks. The teacher sits at her desk grading papers while her students try to finish the reading requirement for the day: scene one of Hamlet. As the teacher goes about grading, the act of rebellion is happening right under her nose.

In the far corner of the room a mischievous boy is texting with his iPhone under the table. A girl sitting at the end of a long line of tables is doodling Anime puppies on the cover of her notebook, while the ones actually reading the play are thinking: what the heck is he saying, what is going on, who is that? As well as the all time teenage favorite sentence: I hate this!

Actually the teens of today are quite passionate about Hamlet. One teen is crushing the playbook cover. That is a devotion of love. Another is writing inappropriate language in the corners of the pages. That kid in the corner is sleeping with his head on the playbook and a trickle of drool coming out the side of his mouth, creating a pool on the cover of the book. A teen near the teacher's desk is passing notes that read: Hamlet stinks! The teacher is getting up and sees the note. She picks up the paper and crumples it up. That was smooth. Here's a tip, if you sit next to the teacher, accept the fact that you are not capable of doing any actions to defy her or Hamlet.

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