My Perfect Family

July 5, 2016
By GKoh11 PLATINUM, Broomall, Pennsylvania
GKoh11 PLATINUM, Broomall, Pennsylvania
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"Hey, black girl. Where are you going? You have to be my slave forever. Come here so I can give you a good whipping,” Dever teased to me.
All of the kids started to laugh loudly at pointed at me as if I were a clown that messed up terribly.
“You do not belong in this world. Why do you even live here?” some kids shouted at me.
Denver was about to punch me in the eye when I ran away from him. “Coward!” everybody shouted to me.
These kind of things always happen to me. My name is Crystal Mason. My life is all mixed up. It all started from a car accident with my parents. I am different from people because of my skin color. I live in an orphanage called Hope for Kids. My parents died from a car accident. I learned that the person who killed my parents was white and wanted all black people gone. Why are people so racist?
Every night, I wished upon a star that I have a perfect family. My dad would be the one who makes me try new things and gives me big hugs that makes me feel happy. My mom would be the one who makes delicious chocolate chip cookies and would pinch my cheek affectionately. She would give me warm smiles that make me want to be my mom when I grow up. I never knew that wishes always come with a price.
“Crystal, guess what? You are going to be adopted,” Ms. May said to me with a soothing voice. She was the only one who was always kind to me. I would always come to her with hurt emotions or a black eye. She would always make those pains go away.
“Really? Are you serious?”
“I am serious, although I am surprised about the color of your parents though, no offense.”
Her words were ringing inside my mind. I was going to be adopted, and I did not understand what Ms. May meant about the color of my parents. I just hoped my wish was granted.
I packed the things I had which was just a pink toothbrush and a notebook with decorations of flowers all around it. Ms. May gave it to me to be my diary. She said that the parents can know some background knowledge about you and can treat you better. I dashed out the door with a big smile on my face.
When I saw my parents, I was horrified. My dad looked like the kind of dad that I wished for. His skin was the color of a penny. He wore a light blue polo shirt with jeans. I was excited that my father was the one I wanted, but my mother was the worst of all. She was white. Why was she not black like me? Most white people teased me of my skin color? Anger, confusion, and sadness started to swarm in my mind. Was she really my mom? I should have not made a wish for a perfect family. I should have learned that everything comes with a price. My mom is white and she will be the worst mom ever because she will make fun of my chocolate skin color. Why did this have to happen?
I trudged toward my new parents and kept giving the evil eye to my mom but a smile to my father. However, my mother kept giving me a warm smile to me. My mother introduced my father who was Marshal and my mother who was Maria.
“I cannot believe you are my dad because this was how I imagined you to look like,” Crystal said while jumping up and down.
Immediately, I gave a hug to dad. My mother was about to hug me, but I shoved her away from me.
“I do not like you, and I know that in your mind, you are planning how to ruin my life forever. Well, that will never happen, and I will make sure of that.”
I saw tears started to come down my mother’s face and felt just a drop of guilt. However, my bad experience with hostile white kids washed away my guilt.
I gave Ms. Mary a last bear hug and followed my new family to a fancy limousine. When we reached home, the place was a big mansion. My jaw was wide as an apartment. My family was very wealthy.
“Crystal, we are here. Do you like your home?” my mom said.
“Do not even ask questions to me. I want you to be quiet and answer when I ask a question. You got it?”
“Yes,” she said with a soft whisper that made part of me have sympathy on her.
“Good,” I said with a sneer.
“Crystal, you should give me a chance to be your mother. I am a mother who cares about children and does not care about their skin color. You have to believe me.”
“Follow my rules, or else you are done for.”
“Follow my rules!” I yelled at her.
Then, I held my dad’s soft hands slowly and walked to my new house. Through the corner of my eye, I saw my mom cry a drizzle.
“Crystal, can you give a chance to your mom? She is trying to hold on to her tears because she could not show you what a great mother she is. Please give her a chance and act like she is your real mother. Please, Crystal. Just for me.”
My father gave me a hug and I saw in his warm chocolate eyes how much he loved her. I must have been dreaming, but she should never mix with kids with different color. I am not the one who is the bad guy. She is.
I gave my father a smile and said, “Fine, but only if you always stick with me. I feel comfortable with you.”
He gave me another one of those bright smiles that warms my whole body, and I will give my mother a chance. I hoped that someday every race will treat each other fairly.
I gave my father my diary Ms. Mary told me to do. He gratefully took the diary and gave me a kiss on my forehead.
“Thanks, Crystal. Now, I can learn a little more about you.”
“You’re welcome dad. Can you give me a tour of our home?”
“Sure, Crystal. This home tour is free and only for Crystal.”
I laughed at my dad’s joke. He was like a little clown to me that takes of me in an affectionately way.
He showed me where my bedroom was, where my parents’ bedroom were, the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room. I could not believe the humongous size for each room. The mansion was much grander than the Hope for Kids orphanage.
My room was pretty big. I had flower wall paper decorations covering my wall. There was a window for me to get some fresh air if I wanted some. My bed was a king size was so soft and comfy. I had a dresser and a closet to put my clothes in. I even had the one thing that I thought I could never ever get at all. The iPhone 5. My life will be awesome, except for the witch aka my mother.
I came up to my dad and gave him a smile. I loved my room and my father.. I ran up to him and gave him a hug. I felt like a six-year old, but I did not care. I was adopted and accepted by the one person I love.
My mom came upstairs and asked if I wanted any steak. I then glared at my mother, but my father gave me a pleading look to be nice. I sighed and answered yes.
My mother was surprised with what I said and smiled while going downstairs. I wanted to take back my response and say mean insults to her, but it was too late. My father and I went followed my mom downstairs to the dining room.
The food was absolutely perfect. The steak was well-done, and the warm mashed potatoes went well with the steak. My favorite was the desserts. The sweet ice cream melted in my mouth and tasted too good. Then, our family had Family Game Night, and I won. We had good laughs together, and I started to get closer to my mom. I learned that she was a nurse who loves to help people. Her hobbies are knitting and collecting stamps. She even protests in streets that every race should be treated equally.
I started to realize that I was a demon to my mother because I judged her by her skin color. My fear and anger overcame me. I was too blinded to see what a caring mother she was. I thought she was the demon, but it is me. I love my family, and I have a new life started over. From now on, I will judge people by their personality. As people always say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

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