July 5, 2016
By Vee5600 BRONZE, Towaco, New Jersey
Vee5600 BRONZE, Towaco, New Jersey
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It was supposed to be fun. We were supposed to wake up before the sun rose and start our day. We were supposed to arrive at the airport, have our bags checked, and walk on the plane hand-in-hand. We were supposed to fall asleep of each other and wake up three hours later to find out it was time to exit the plane. We were supposed to arrive at the hotel with wide smiles. We were supposed to have a pillow fight to determine who would sleep on the right side of the bed. We were supposed to run to the amusement park, wait in long lines, and talk about the randomest topics to pass time. We were supposed to scream with thrill with our hands high above our heads. We were supposed to laugh at how messed up our hair was after going on the biggest rollercoaster in the park. We were supposed to skip to the best viewing point in the park to watch the fireworks. We were supposed to kiss in front of the castle while the fireworks blared in our ears. We were supposed to take a bus back to the hotel and race to our room to see who really was the fastest runner. We were supposed to take a shower, slip into our pajamas, and tell each other our deepest darkest secrets. We were supposed to slide under the white sheets and fall asleep so that we could wake up and start another wonderful day.
But instead, the white sheets were not at the hotel; they were over you.
It was a black car, a car that blended in with the night, a car that was doubling the speed limit. I screamed for you to stop, but you didn't listen. You saw nothing there. I urged you with my eyes to get off the road, but you didn't listen. You never listened.
And now, I am lost among a sea of lights. The crystal kaleidoscope of tears block my vision whenever a memory of you crosses my mind. Every day I spend without you is an eternity of bee stings. My mind refuses to wrap itself around the truth of your emptiness, and the only thing my mind can process is that
It was supposed to be fun.

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