February 24, 2009
By Beth Thurlkill SILVER, McKinney, Texas
Beth Thurlkill SILVER, McKinney, Texas
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constantly being thrown in limbo as the others prance around.
looking to the center stage.

all of the eyes on the girl that they call Willow as she stands in front of the microphone.

having on there adorned mardi gras type masks as they watch with there bought expressions.
these humans, if you will, are waiting for her mouth to open. wanting to show no emotion, they watch her by the second to see the grand finale when she might break. they all keep prancing in the stage costumes.

Willow see's these fools as animals.

she does not move. she does not speak. she observes them observing her. she wants them to feel as though they have control. she wants them to think she's lost her soul. seeing these beasts for who they are almost's satisfies the coy girl in the center stage. displeasing her audience she still does not move. the pink cloaked people tried to move her for entertainments sake.

Willow looked at the cloak and almost smiled.

they think that they can control her with some sort of forced power. it seems to her that the power they have is useless and it is really a shame of them to be in control. she desires free will. she knows its possible. she lifts her hands, not caring if anyone pays attention and stops there scrambled dance. most ignore her. she looks behind her softly. takes the stool and sits. closing her eyes for a moment or two the others seem to wonder why she has suspended her portals. she looks up. she knows that if anyone would stop they will see. she works up a smile and begins her sentences. she knows if they don't listen they will not ever know.

"I am Willow for a reason. I do not care about silly games as most. I know I will make my mark bolder and more defined as my years progress. It would although be pity if everyone lets themselves go as fools. Get off your demanding self centered pride and learn from each other. That is all."

I now stand up and leave the room. If they want me, I know they will find me.

The author's comments:
when I wrote this i felt like i had people demanding me to act a certain way and forcing a path for me, so i broke off and made my own.

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