The Circus Act

January 12, 2009
My name is Olga, I don’t have a permeate home; I have traveled the globe with my circus family. When people come to the circus, they come to enjoy, and look at the crazy people (that’s me). I’m the bearded lady, there are other circus acts with a bearded lady but they don’t match up to me. I have a nefarious attitude which some people think I am a vexatious person, but that’s who I am. I would never be where I am today with out my father the lion tamer.
Out of the whole circus he an astute character with a sense of charm, he is graceful and he earns a great deal of respect in his line of work. He’s an amicable tamer with the most heart filled advice. My dad, Bruce, has taught me how to shave he told me not to scrutinize what others think of me because I am who I am, and I can’t change that.
One day at the circus a group of protestors, started to throw fruit at my dad, because they came to advocate about how cruel he was treating the animals. At the instant I have never seen my dad that mad, his face was turning red and steamy smoke was blowing out of his ears, when I saw that I told the protestors to run. But they didn’t. Bruce jumped out of his cage and asked them if they had a malady in their brain. “Never in my life have I harmed an animal!” But the protestors just stood there in ineffectual awe. The advocators didn’t believe him, but my whole family came to support my dad, my brother (the clown) told them to leave or he will have to get mad and take them out himself. The protestors loath to their mistake and left immediately.
That day my dad taught me to stand up in what I believe in, that day we earned the greatest deal of solicit in any circus. My dad has always been there to look out for me, but he’s getting older so I have to start looking out for him, (especially when he’s in the lion cage.)

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