January 31, 2009
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The shadow of the iciceles frightened me at first. They glared through the blinds when the lights went out. But as I crawled into bed I became fond of the idea of icicles hanging outside my window. Now when my killer comes during the night they maight catch him before I do.
I toss and turn as I force myself to dream. The plans set up in my head never seem to work. The night grows darker. I hear my parents enter thier room, the house goes dark. Moon light remains as the only glow left in my room.
Turning, turning so much. I need to go to sleep. Midnight comes and my mind floats around drearily. CREAK! What was that? A noise from the wood breaks and sends shivers down my spine. Thump. I hear it now. Thump. The beating of what only could be my murderer outside. I know it. A man is right outside my window. Do I are look? The shadows of the icicles remain.
One A.M. comes closer and I muster up some courage. Slowly I edge towards my window. The blinds rise only engough for my eyes to peer through. Nothing. Only the light from the streetlamp sticks out in the darkness. So I close my window and rest my eyes. School is very close now, I need sleep. A car drives by. I see the lights. I feel the roaring of the engine. Is it slowing down? It has to be, I do not feel it anymore. No. It passed by. Do i dare check?
The street lamp still remains as the only life outside my window. I stare, waiting for something to happen. I yearn for it, only so I can confirm my suspicions. Nothing. I need sleep. I lay my head on the pillow waiting for dreams to whisp me away from the horrors outside my window, but the dreams never come. Slowly I try to drift off to sleep, anxiously awaiting the nest noise of night.
The shadow of the icicles never ceases to scare me.

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Dragonscribe said...
Oct. 17, 2010 at 12:36 pm
So...was she afraid of the shadows, or what? I didn't really understand the purpose/plot of this piece, and you had a few grammatical errors. It's good writing, though. Keep it up.
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