A Taste of Freedom

January 19, 2009
By gchomko6 SILVER, Hinsdale, Illinois
gchomko6 SILVER, Hinsdale, Illinois
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Tracking through the snow at 6:45am is not fun. Why do I have to go through this suffering? I finally reach flat pavement and easily walk to my bus stop. It’s cold. It’s freezing cold. My nose is frozen. My legs are frozen. Oh, and don’t forget my feet. Especially my feet. I stand there thinking how much I don’t want to be here. I think about my friends and I think about my crush, of course. I think of my parents who are sitting inside and not cold. I think about that bus that hasn’t showed up yet! It’s these times when I wish that it were my favorite season. This season has no fun. It has no excitement. It has no happiness.

I look up and I feel something change. The snow is starting to melt. The grass is coming out of its hibernation. The sky starts to brighten. The sun begins to warm up. The trees begin to grow leaves back. The flowers that were once pretty and beautiful begin to awaken and bloom. The sun’s rays hit my face. I’m blinded. I can’t see what is happening. Am I dying? I open my eyes.

It’s beautiful. It’s green. It’s warm. It’s sunny. It’s freedom. I can smell the flowers. I can feel the warmth. I don’t feel my backpack. I breathe. I feel good. No. I feel amazing. I feel free and don’t care what anyone thinks of me. I turn in a few circles and give a nice, “Whoo hoo!” I run full blast to my house. I pick up my bike. I screech onto the road and race to my best friend’s house.

I knock on her door. I wait a few seconds. The door swings open and there she is. Smiling like never before. She grabs her shoes and without thinking, dashes outside with me into the warmth. We give each other a hug and laugh. She gets her bike and we ride with no certain destination. We go to the loud bridge that covers the busy highway. We wave to cars and they honk back. We ride to the playground. We fly on the swings and we climb on the ladders. We twist and turn on the tire swing. We stop at home. We put our bikes away and head for town.

It’s in full swing. Everyone is there. There are people laughing and people yelling and people eating and people drinking. We walk into the ice cream boutique. There is a big line. We don’t care because we enjoy each other’s company. We finally get our ice cream. We walk outside. In the cloth store we look at cute outfits and accessories. We have a ball and we grab some food at the local Corner Bakery. I see my crush, like always.

It’s fun to run in the grass with nothing to worry about. No tests, no homework, no stress. It’s warm to think that the big blue sky above us is keeping us safe. Even the sun in the sky is dancing to the excitement. We go to another park with the rest of our closest friends. We laugh until our stomachs start to ache. We smile until our cheeks start to fall off. We dance until we fall on the ground and watch the sky move across us.

At night, it’s even crazier. We party and hang out. We eat whatever we want and drink what we want. We play games and discuss our inside jokes. We talk about our crushes and how much we want them.

I go to bed happy, but tired from the long day. I look back on how much fun I had. Will it ever end? I never want it to end, but it has to end sometime. I look at my clock.

My heart sinks. It’s 6:45am. It’s dark outside. It’s cold outside. It’s gloomy and snowy. The sound of cars’ tires on the compacted snow drives me crazy. My body shivers and all of a sudden I’m right where it began. I’m outside. The bus hasn’t come yet. I look down and the grass is gone. The sun is gone. The leaves are gone. Everything good in the world is gone. No more fun. No more freedom. No more laughing. No more smiling. No more warmth. No green left. Just white.

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