January 15, 2009
By Ciera Rose Carter, La Quinta, CA

Slap of the water against the side of the rocks, it crackles through my ears. It makes my spine quiver and shake. The intense feeling of making a choice. A choice to fall, to float within the air, to loose all thoughts and just fall. Even the slightest drop of water on my down-pointed toes, gives the feeling of pressure back. Why couldn’t we just fall through mid-air and never stop?

As I stand in my bright crimson colored bathing suit on the tip-top of a mountain of rocks. I ponder to think if I should jump off the rocks into the big blue Crystal Lake. I hear the birds chirping while they pass by my head and the voices of those who are in the air, screaming at the top of their lungs. I felt a jolt inside of me; it made all my fears creep on past my veins. Seep through my skin into the cloudy, but pure air. I jumped, I finally let go of my fear and I just leaped into free air. Nothing attached to me, it’s like actually finding a good deal with no strings attached! You got what you wanted, what you had wished for finally came true!
It was almost as if it was the jump of my life. I could feel the ground loosing its grip on my body. Finally, I felt free.

Leaping in the air, nothing attached to me and nothing near me; I'm alone. The breathless feeling suffocated me. As I was gasping for air, I was also having the time of my life. Then a rush of water, so sudden and somehow unsuspected. It was already over; in a matter of seconds I had fallen and didn’t want it to be over! The feeling being untouchable was over.
I now stand in harms way, stable on this hard ground when I so long to be falling through the air, breathless and fearless. The ground still grasps onto my feet, but this time even harder as if it didn’t want me to leave its surface again. Though I longed so much to disobey.
I thought, “Why stand alone on this very hot asphalt? I need to escape; all I need is to just keep falling. Even if where I'm headed is ice cold and 25 feet under me.”

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