Summer Regial's Life Story

January 22, 2009
Summer Regial’s Life Story

Her name was Summer Regial, she had long wavy blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, slim, and she had a stud in her right nostril. Her family owned a major business corporation which made an extraordinary amount of money. Summer was extraordinary liked in SpringField High, captain of the cheerleading squad, and class president. I guess you could say she was perfect, a great example of the practical stereotype of a teenage girl. She has always had strict parents; Summer had to be in on week nights at five o clock then on weekends eight o clock. Her parents were just worried about her well being which had made them over protective. This was our senior year time to get crazy and just have some fun. What we thought was harmless fun.

SpringField is a small quiet suburban town where nothing ever happens. Although SpringField is such a small town everybody’s business will be spread around in the maximum of a day it is insane. We have groups just like every other town pretty much. We have got the jocks, the cheerleaders, the gossip group, the drama group, the “hicks”, the “ghetto” group, the rebels, and then the slackers. Mainly in this town all we do is go to the woods and have fires to just sit around and hangout around. Parties around here are not well known because we rarely have parties well unless you are a senior. Seniors do occasionally invite juniors but that is mainly it because it was always to be said that underclassmen start problems which draws attention to the parties.

Summer has always portrayed a perfect life at home. Always had nice clothes, a lot of friends, and never fought with her parents (so we thought). Summer was always smiling, laughing, she never put down others, and always helped anyone in need. Back when Summer was in freshman year she always say how she wanted to go hangout with people she had never really got to know. I always thought she was just saying that not knowing she was serious. Well this was her year she had said over a billion times; little did she know it would be the biggest mistake of her life.

Summer met a boy in the beginning of October, his name was Blake Calvin. He was in the group known as the slackers, the one who didn’t care about anything. All he was into doing was skipping school, doing drugs, drinking, and getting in trouble all of the time. When I say trouble I don’t mean getting grounded I mean in and out of different juvenile halls all of the time. Blake did not come from a bad family either, his parents were loving and gave him everything he wanted. I’m guessing he had got sick and tired of his parents expectations that he just went off on his own and rebelled. He was someone everyone told her not to get involved with, for once in her life she was not going to take others advice.

Summer was my best friend she told me everything at times I think I knew more about her than she knew herself. Blake influenced her a lot she began to skip school, she went parties, she was even lying to her parents and sneaking out. It was starting to get out of hand I tried to get involved and talk to her and all she did was yell at me and say that it was none of my business it was her life. She would always say I was just jealous and couldn’t be happy for her but it was not that at all. I saw her becoming a different person she was turning into and addict.

In the end of December our small group of friends had planned to go on a ski trip to the Pocono’s Summer insisted on Blake tagging along, everyone complained about him going but that was the only way that Summer would go. On the car ride up Summer and Blake were kissing and touching each other in vulgar ways that trust me no one wanted to see. Right then I knew she had changed she’d never let anybody touch her in vulgar ways especially in public. After hours of hearing and seeing them we were finally at the cabin, we started to unload the car while Summer and Blake randomly disappeared. I walked around into the house then to my usual room, walked in and catch Summer doing drugs. I was so shocked how could she do this? She was ruining her life and the worst I couldn’t do anything. I called in our friends, Richie and Nick came running in yelling and screaming. The look on their faces as they saw Summer with a straw and white powder like substance in front of her I will never forget that moment. They kneeled down on the ground next to her, grabbed her shoulders and started talking in a firm voice all Summer did was laugh and do another line. Instantly I decided to drive back Nick, Richie, and I alone on the car ride did not speak one word at all. On the way home I could not stop thinking about what I had seen. Of course Summer and Blake stayed. I decided that when I got back to SpringField I would go and talk to Summer’s parents. When I had arrived to Summer’s I told her parents everything I had saw that night I knew she’d be mad but she’d thank me sooner or later. Or maybe she won’t.

That Monday in school Summer looked horrible I tried talking to her all she did was hand me this:
You took him away from and it away
You clearly do not know what you had seen that night
I am crying on my hands and knees
I am begging my mother and father
To let me have him back but they insist with a no
No sleep can’t eat all I do is cry
“It” is what gets me through the days strongly
When I have “It” I feel like I’m in the sky
When I am with him and “It” I do not think about the bad things just the good
I have him who cares for me like no one else can
When I have “It” that takes care of me sets me free for the day
I can’t even see him but I need “It”

I realized now what “It” was not just one drugs multiple drugs, I knew she looked sick on that Monday. She was addicted to those drugs but couldn’t get them. I read this note and cried all day I felt horrible I couldn’t watch her do that to herself and put herself down like that. The last time I talked to her I gave her a hug and said “Keep your head up girl.” It hurt so badly but she needs to learn to stop she is hurting herself so bad. I’ve learned to back off and let her live her mistakes but it was to hard I wanted to do something to help but only god could help her now.

A few months went by it is now May seeing Summer and looking back on her life she has changed so much, physically and emotionally. This Friday is the big party for seniors I will be attending with Brad Fasanella. I was planning on seeing Summer and trying to talk to her I miss her being around we had such great times. Friday night was here I was applying my make up and doing my hair. Then I hear the door bell, I was so excited the party was finally here I had a feeling this was going to be a great night.

“Honey! Brad is here!” My mom yelled.

“Okay Mom, be right down.” I yelled back.

Brad and I get into the car and get ready to head out into the woods. The party spot was only a few miles away from my house so we’d usually park then walk up into the entrance. I heard two people yelling extremely loud so I went to check it out. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing Summer was kneeled down on the ground and Blake was standing over her yelling. Blake was yelling at Summer because she did not want to take another pill. Brad stopped the fight and I took Summer over to the side she was crying telling me how Blake wanted her to take more ecstasy pills and she didn’t feel good so she didn’t want to. Blake came over and they talked it out so Brad and I went to go and party thinking everything would be okay. An hour later Blake came running up to me crying.

“She passed out! She passed out!”

I did not say one word to Blake, I just ran and got Brad then to find Summer. After an hour and a half I finally found Summer. While I was searching for Summer I guess Blake figured it would be a smart thing to disappear. I was so angry at myself I should have done something but I didn’t I just sat back and watched her slowly go down hill. She was rushed to the hospital which was twenty minutes away. Brad and I stayed at the hospital all night long. I laid my head in my legs and just sat there and hysterically cried. The doctor came walking out, laid his cold rough hands on my neck as I sobbed. His voice was raspy as he said I’m sorry she did not make it. At 4:32 am she was pronounced dead.

Her funeral was held at a near by church on a cold spring day. The ironic thing about this day was it was the ending of May never cold. The day that she died was the day my heart had turned cold. The last weeks of school were heartbreaking people crying left and right, memorials of her hung everywhere, and her parents searched and searched for Blake Calvin. He was never found, even though no one found him to give him what he deserves he still has the guilt of killing a helpless young girl under his belt.

Now that I look back I ask myself why I didn’t do anything. I’ve realized when people are addicted to drugs they need to ask for help you can not make them want to get help. They need to realize it themselves that they have a problem and are better off if they get help. The sad thing was she had a great future ahead of her. Summer was eighteen years old when she died. Before she died her hair was long, soft, bright like the sun, and then when she died she had short rough hair which she died dark brown. Drugs changed a young innocent, helpless girl from her experience that I saw from first hand I will never pick up an illegal substance.

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kkd1003 said...
Jan. 17, 2010 at 3:14 pm
I think this was a great story. I liked how you really annouced the emotions and the events to the reader. This story also shares it's point, giving it directly to the reader. I know you got the point through to me.
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