Event heist

January 23, 2009
By clinton fagan, Mt Kisco, NY

This is my story, Zifo Zephyr. I lived in downtown Dallas, Texas. I used to work for my family’s bakery, it paid but not very well. My family thought that I was just a screw up, didn’t go to college and was just getting by. Well truly I was just a screw up. I hated how they made me feel about my life, they never gave me any encouragement. I tried to be the best that I could be but they never saw that, they just saw another broke human being. I would walk up and down the city streets looking into the eyes of all those who walked by, watching them stare into the abyss that they called life. Even the rich ones try to act important, but who are they important to, themselves? It didn’t even matter, I still envied the feeling of wealth. To escape the realities of my own sad existence. I found myself doing things that I would rather have done. I really wanted my family to gravel at my feet for the way that they made me feel. I believe that it was one Sunday night when I thought of this brilliant plan. I was out and about walking the city streets like I usually did, but the streets were not bustling like usual. I wondered what everyone was doing with their lives that I was not there for. Sunday night, Dallas, Texas, where could they all have been? When I got home I flipped on the TV to see my favorite team in action, The Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo, the boys doing their thing with thousands of people watching in the stadium alone, plus millions more on TV. Then it hit me this is where all these people were, chilling watching football trying to escape the realities of their very own lives. It was my “ah ha” moment on how to get rich. First things first I would have to pick out my victims. How, there are so many people in that stadium; how would I even know who is going, and who has the most money. Like a math problem I had to go step by step, its obvious I could not steal from over 70,000 houses in just over four hours. Thus I would have to make sure that my victims are going to the game and left no one in their houses. So how to pick my victims; I already had a good idea on who to pick. I worked at a bakery and saw the middle class and the rich, poor people don’t buy bread at a bakery only at the supermarket. Many of the folks that come into the store had money, some of them they oozed cash. This one man who came in with his ten year old wife—okay, she’s not ten but she might as well be. He has money, anyone who has a wife that hot and is not good looking himself, has money. Now, how to get him the tickets and make sure that he and his wife got to the game. Do they have kids? I would also have to take this into consideration. I would never be able to pull this off on my own, I would need and accomplice, someone I could trust. Who else but my loving girlfriend, the one the only Gemini Grace. The only word that I can use to describe her is crazy! The whole reason behind me and her going out is because of the pure hate and disgust that we share for our families. This was the plan, I would buy four tickets at regular price, then I would hand them off to Gem. Gem then would get her crazy ass pocket picking brother to try and slip it into the pocket of the rich man who came into the bakery regularly. I had to know if they had kids, so I just simply asked the man’s wife one day in the store how she keep that body with kids, and like I thought she had no kids and didn’t plan to. Her husband had kids but they lived with their mom. We were supposed to raid his house on Sunday, but we still had to find out where he lived. Just leave it up to Gem to follow any random guy home for money. She claimed that she followed him to downtown Dallas and that she knew where he lived, but that she just could not remember the street name. On Wednesday I got the news that the tickets were successfully deployed into the pocket of the rich guy. Turns out his name was Fintin something another, I can’t recall. Anyway, the scheme was going great so far so good I had two tickets left so time to pick one more victim. This one I didn’t even have t work for, these two guys came into the bakery and just started talking about how they are going to go see the big playoff game on Sunday. I was shocked by my luck; this type of thing just doesn’t happen to me, well it didn’t before now anyway. I couldn’t let these two slip through my hands, I had to leave my post and follow them to their homes. Turns out they both lived in a high class apartment building. They lived a couple doors down from each other, I was not sure if they saw me following them. I didn’t really care I felt that these two were just there if I decided to get greedy which I often did. Now what to do with these last two tickets. The people that drove me to do this, the ones that had no kind words, Mom and Dad. I gave them the tickets as a early anniversary gift and the first thing that they said was “How did you afford these.” Drove me nuts, I told them that I have been saving to buy a car, but wasted it on gambling and just splurged. Like usual they called me an idiot and took the tickets. So now it was Friday and I had three targets in my sights. Time to prepare get the tools needed to break-in and enter. Stuff like bags to carry my loads of money and jewels, or whatever I could get my hands on. Bolt cutter so I can get in and maybe a mask or something and a hot dress for Gem. Around Saturday night I started feeling a bit nervous, but Gem’s crazy voice in my head repeating “we’re goanna be rich, we’re goanna be Rich, we’re goanna be RICH!” Finally some good encouragement, that’s why I loved this girl so much. Sunday, it was now time for the big heist, at around seven my mom and dad left for the game, I took everything that I could grab and stole the car; how else was I going to be transporting all the money around. Finally we got to our first victims house; it was so quite all I could hear was the pounding of my heart. We stood their for about eight to ten minutes just scooping out the house, there was no movement so like usual Gem got impatient with my nervousness. She got out the car and walked up to the house quite boldly. I stayed in the car while she worked her way around the house, couple seconds later she came running from the back of the house, I started the car getting ready to bolt. When she got to the car she was so excited that I didn’t know if I was suppose to go or stay. “Oh my god I found a open window, I don’t think anyone is home we are going to be rich!” shrieked. We eventually made our way into the house and went straight into the bedroom. Gem headed for the draws hoping for jewels, I was spending my time looking for a safe. Like clockwork I began to think of all the best spots to put a safe. The first painting I saw was a family portrait. (A picture of him and his wife) I took down the picture hoping to find a safe and “bada bing bada boom” there it was, gleaming with the smell of money behind it. I took out the drill that I brought and went to work. First I had to drill into the face of the lock in order to reach the lever or drive cam. After accessing the lever or cam, could use a punch rod to push them out of the way or bend them until they are no longer obstructing the path of the bolt. I was in, the sacs of cash just made my heart stop for a couple seconds, I grabbed at it and told Gem we had to not get greedy and leave now! We made it back to the car fine and started heading back home. All of a sudden I remembered the two guys who lived in the nice apartment buildings. That’s where I made my first mistake; I told Gem about them, she just wouldn’t take no for an answer. We eventually made our way to apartment, I found myself standing in front of room 515. Gem was standing in front of door 509, I noticed that she was knocking on the door like she knew no one was home. I on the other hand was a bit more cautious. I knocked on the door and no one came, I turned the knob and it the door swung open. Gem came back saying that there is no one home but she could not get in. We entered the room, it looked pretty nice. Suede couch, tiled floors, big monstrous paintings and a jar on top of the fridge jam packed with cash. We must have spent twenty to thirty minutes in the apartment looking for more, but that was my second mistake. We left with the jar but that was it probably around only a grand; when we started walking out the apartment room door, one of the apartment owner’s neighbors saw us leaving the room. That’s when the trouble started!

As we sped down the highway at over 102 mph, it came to me; this was not the best of ideas. The neighbor had called the cops and took the licenses plate of our car. We had known that we could not go back home because we had trashed the place; we were going to take a quick trip to Mexico but now with the cops looking for our car that was out of the question. Just then we heard it, that dreaded sound of sirens screaming out to get to you. Gem wanted me to keep the car moving but I didn’t want to make this any worse, so I stopped. “Licenses and registrations” said the cop calmly
“Sure I got it right here” I said while my chest pounded uncontrollably.
“Do you know why I pulled you over?” uttered the cop.
“Not really no, can I ask why” I whispered.
“I clocked you going 108 mph, any reason you driving this fast?” he asked,
“it’s a Porsche for a reason officer” I responded smartly
“ I guess so ill go run this, I will be right back.” he said whilst he walked away.

Gem sat there quietly, I guess she was mad because I had stopped the car. I didn’t care I thought that this was the right thing to do, and that’s why I did it.
“ Did you know this car was involved in a robb…” before he could finish his thought the sound of a gun shot pierced my ear drums; I must have been deaf for a couple seconds. When I saw the cop fall I looked at Gem and only saw her lips moving, everything was in slow motion. I must have been losing my mind till the firm hand of Gem got me back to where I needed to be. “Go! What the hell are you doing? Drive!” I did what she said I drove, speechless, murder. We had to get out of this car; a yellow Porsche is easy to spot. We went to the nearest gas station and offered sum random kid around 18 the Porsche for his corolla. I felt safer now but where would we go, I guess we could get to Mexico in this car. “ How could you just kill him like that” I asked.
“I did it for us, plus we don’t even know if he is dead.” She answered. I took it because I knew we would probably be in jail right now without her intervention.

Once we made it to Mexico we counted our earnings, we had made just over 22,000 in this one night. Soon we would have to go back to the states to try to pull this off again because this was just not enough. We were chilling for about two days living the good life on the beaches when the federalizes came out of seemingly no where to get us. Turns out the kid’s parents had GPS on his car to track him; I guess he was not the best kid. Now here in a state penitentiary I planed every night how I would get out and last night I finished my plan.

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