The Ice

June 9, 2015
By MadiHatter192 GOLD, Lubbock, Texas
MadiHatter192 GOLD, Lubbock, Texas
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The first thing I felt was the intense cold.The sudden chill swept over me making me shake and my teeth clatter. "now sweetie, you have to put your coat on before you can go play," my mother called after me. "mom, im 13. I am not a child anymore." My mother gave me a look but complied." and big kids wear coats so they dont get sick. It's he smart thing to do." I hesitate for a moment, knowing she is right but not wanting to admit it. "I guess so."


Now, all bundled up in my winter coat, I bound outside joyfully. My feet sank into the soft white powder with a loud distinctable crunch. With each step the powder is flung into the air. The snow glistens like little ground dionds spread across the lawn. i bend down and scoop some into my hands. I can feel the cold even through the gloves. My curiosity gets the best of me and i bring the powder up to my mouth. My teeth freeze as the snow instantly melts on my tounge giving me a refreshing feeling. One by one I pluck at my fingers and pull of my glove. I gather more snow into my unprotected hand. Its so cold and yet it burns like fire. Not even a few minutes and I am already loosing feeling in my hand. I shake the melting snow away and wipe my hand on my coat. Putting my gloves back on, I breath into my hands and watch my breath come out like a dragons flame. I take one step and the earth shifts. I am not on my back in the snowy lawn staring up at the gray sky as fresh snowflakes start to fall. Since I was already on the ground I decided to do something i had always wanted. I move my arms up and my legs out, then back in and continue with a cycle. I don't stop untill I firmly believe I have made my dent in the powder. carefull not to mess up my creation, i ge to my feet only to slide in another direction. "whompf!-" this time I fell on my face. I sit up and look for the culprit who tripped me once again. But no-one is there. Nothing but white snow and slick iice that was hiddden from veiw before. I look at my reflection in the frozen water and see that my nose has gone pink. 

"honey! the hot chocolate is ready! My mother call from the door. "I'm comming".


I step over the icy spot an my angelic creation and head towards the warm house. Before I cross the threshold I turn and take a deep breath, Allowing the Icy air into my lungs. I savor this moment. After all, it is rare we have so much snow here in this small town far west of Oklahoma. Savoring each moment that passed, I sit by the fire vowing to never forget my first snowfall.

The author's comments:

I savor this moment. After all, it is rare we have so much snow here in this small town far west of Oklahoma.

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