January 14, 2009
By Hannah Gales, North Lake, WI

She walks in the classroom before the second bell rings. It is loud, most people are talking. She looks around as she sits shyly in her desk. She sees all the cliques that others are blind to.
The popular crowd, talking of parties, laugh loudly at inside jokes. The jocks talk of sports and make jokes at people in the classroom. The nerds who are reading or talking of books and test. The people who don’t care about school or anything there teacher has to say are listening to their iPods’, ignoring the rest of the class. She blinks to stop the chaos for a second but the sounds of the hyper loud students drowned her. They go on telling stupid jokes that are inappropriate, immature or that no one understands. Next to the teacher is a line of over concerned students asking about grades, homework and extra credit.
She sits there shyly staring at the show. Who will I talk to? Why is everyone so loud? When will the teacher get here? But, in a large school as this one everyone has someone and through the commotion she finds a group of people as calm as her and asking the same questions. She walks up and asks “Why is everyone so loud? The crowd smiles and gladly accepts her.

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