Skin Tones

January 13, 2009
By Sabrina Saeed, Delafield, WI

Everybody in our family has different skin tones. My dad, dark and clear, like a rush of milk chocolate running down a gram craker on a s’more. My mom, my mom is as white of a piece of blank computer paper. When it’s cold her cheeks turn a hue of rosy pink, and its then that she is content. My sister’s skin is like a true Italian, but not, her skin is as green as an olive in a tomato cocktail. I on the other hand inherited my dad’s skin tone but with a muted hue, the hue is muted, but apparent. It is darker than my sisters; however, my pigment tends to fade easier in the winter months. Me and my sister are fortunate and blessed, no need to spend money at the tanning salon, no need to waste hours trying to soak up the sun, no need to worry about skin cancer, no need to purchase expensive, usually orange looking bronzer. Luckily, we are a unique biracial mix of half Arabian and half Caucasian.

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