People Watching

January 13, 2009
By Karl Sprung, Merton, WI

Call the police. Brookfield Square is on fire. On fire with emotion. During the holiday season people don’t act their age or themselves. With the mall being flamboyantly decorated, one would be led to believe it would diminish the tension and strain in people’s lives. Wrong. The holidays only increase the tension and anger.

Mothers and fathers meander down the vast hallways of Brookfield Square looking as if they are in a state of Utopia. Fractious mothers are snipping at their children for committing a minor offense as fathers are too timorous to defend the child. This causes families to leave the mall in schisms instead of being a united whole.

Are angry mothers really the anathema of the mall? Or is it the ostentatious teenage girls? Fake girls prancing around in their “jaunty” truncated skirts are disgusting and leave mothers trying to expunge the image from their 10-year-old’s mind. Why can’t these girls act who they are? Are they trying to impress people? Or are they trying to cover up for their insecurities around the holiday season? No answer is for sure; however, they need to take note of how the beautiful, classy women act.

Hopes of St. Nick and Santa Claus visiting the home affects people to change into holiday monsters. If people take it a moment out of their busy lives and concentrate on what matters (Snowmen and Reindeer) they will be able to relax and not embarrass themselves.

Brookfield Square is not on fire. But the people inside need to change their chaotic behavior. With relaxation and a few cups of egg nog, holidays and malls can be handled.

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