Black Friday

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Black Friday is known as one of largest shopping days of the year. Stores are decorated flamboyantly with ostentatious displays and have sales on many items throughout the store. The shoppers are out to buy as many Christmas presents as possible at low prices before stores run out. The attitude of, “I need everything,” is in the air. Watching and being around shoppers that think like this shows how crazy this day truly is.

I was sitting in my car outside of Best Buy waiting for the store to open. Waiting in the line wasn’t a good idea. People were at each other’s throats already because of line cutters that had no regard for anyone else. As soon as the doors opened, it was mass chaos. The first person to get in ran for the new Guitar Hero game. When she had it in her hands, she walked to the register, with a jaunty step, to pay.
Another woman had two sons with her. They went to get their new video game for the Wii. Once they had it, they set it down on the floor next to them so they could play the Call of Duty demo while their mother went to look around. While in their mental utopia, they didn’t realize that someone had taken their game because the store was sold out of the rest. After they realized that the game was gone, the happiness running through them was truncated. It wouldn’t be a good day for them after all.
This Friday is one of the craziest shopping days of the year. People are trying to expunge each other so they can get the certain holiday gift that they want and not have to come looking for it later and pay a higher price. The shoppers that spend their whole day rushing from store to store to save a few dollars are ridiculous. Is the amount of money saved really worth being an anathema? To some shoppers it is, but to others, the fact that they get hurt or saddened that they can’t get a certain item they want just ruins their weekend.

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