55 Fiction

January 13, 2009
The view was picturesque.
She stood at the shoreline with her toes in the sand.
She was completely mesmerized by the slowly curling waves.
The sun began to set over the Gulf. It was time to go.
She turned around to see debris covering what was left of the city. Katrina had been there.

The elevator slowly made its way to the top floor.
With a jolt, it stopped and the lights went out, trapping the passengers.
There was a loud snap and the elevator began plunging toward the basement.
It slowed to a stop. The doors opened.
“We hope you enjoyed the ride. Please exit to your left.”

Looking down on her, he couldn’t believe she was actually his.
He had been waiting for this moment for so long.
She was so beautiful. She was absolute perfection.
As he stared at her, he imagined all of the memories they would have together.
His excitement grew. He grabbed the keys and drove off.

The enemy had them completely surrounded.
Some tried to escape but failed miserably.
Few were left. He fired aimlessly, desperately trying to save himself.
They were too powerful, too strong. He couldn’t beat them.
One shot to the chest and it was all over. Everything went dark.
“Game Over” flashed across the screen.

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