Defeat the undefeated

January 11, 2009
By Naomi Kaduwela, South Barrington, IL

Ralph is Ralph Waldorf, 9 years old, 4th grade, boy that gets picked on.
Billy is William Keizer, 10 years old, 5th grade, school bully.
Mike is Mike Sherman, 10 years old, 5th grade, Billy’s best fried.
Teacher is Emily Smith, 28 years old, teaches Ralph’s 4th grade class.
Mr. Mason is George Mason, 45 years old, the principal of Ralph’s school.
Joe Smith, 9 years old, 4th grade, random kid in Ralph’s class.
Ralph’s mom is Nicole Waldorf, 35 years old, widow of Marty Waldorf and mother of Ralph Waldorf.

It’s a winter Monday morning and Ralph just finished his morning classes at his Elementary School. The teacher announces that it’s time for recess.

Teacher: Alright kids, time to go outside! Make sure you bundle up; that means coats, hats, and scarves for everyone!

(All the students get their things off the coat rack and begin sprinting outside to the playground. All except Ralph, who slowly walks outside.)

Teacher: Have fun, kids! (The teacher walks next to Ralph.)

Teacher: Everything okay, Ralph?

Ralph: Yeah, I guess. I just don’t like recess that much… It’s really, um, cold outside.

Teacher: Well, that’s why we make sure we have our winter clothes on! Go ahead and play with you friends though, you’ll warm up once you start running around.

Ralph: Er, okay. (Ralph walks onto the playground and sits alone on a swing. Billy and Mike walk towards him.) Oh no, it’s Billy! Why does this have to happen every day? I mean, out of all people, why me?

Billy: Well look what we have here, Mike. (Billy stands next to the swing Ralph is on and nods his head towards Ralph.)

Ralph: What do you want now?

Billy: Now now... why so bitter today, Ralphie?

Ralph: Go away.

Billy: Aw… Mike, he’s not happy to see us!

Ralph: Leave me alone.

Billy: You’re breaking my heart, buddy.

(Ralph gets off the swing and turns to walk away.)

Mike: HEY! Get back ‘ere, punk. Where do you think you’re going? We’re talking to you! (Mike attempts to run after Ralph but Billy puts his hand out to stop him.)

Billy: Not yet, Mike.

(Ralph stops and turns to face Billy and Mike.)

Billy: Now that was just rude Ralph.

Mike: Yeah, don’t you know to listen to your elders?

Ralph: Shut up!

Billy: Wow… That was just uncalled for. You think we should remind him how to respect his elders, Mike?

Mike: Yeah, it seems like he’s forgotten all his manners.

Billy: What would your poor mother say if she saw you like this?

Ralph: Don’t you dare…

Mike: …Or what? Billy, I think we have a duty to straighten this rascal up. I mean, Ms. Waldorf is the nicest lady on the block, she should have a son to match, dontcha think?

(Mike and Billy walk towards Ralph, fists clenched.)

Billy: Her beloved husband passes and now her son is impolite? What will the rest of the town say when they hear this? She deserves better than you, Ralph…

(Out of no where, Ralph punches Billy in the stomach, causing him to fall backwards.)

Mike: What the..?

Ralph: I said... Don’t talk about MY MOM!

Billy: You little…

Teacher: Boys and girls, time to come inside for lunch!

(Boys and girls rush inside. Ralph turns to face the boys once again.)

Ralph: I said, Leave me alone! Got it?

Billy: uh... wait, er… What just happened?

(Ralph goes back inside.)

Teacher: How was recess, Ralph?

Ralph: It was… good.

Teacher: Oh? Well, I’m glad to hear that.

Ralph: Mhm…

Teacher: Did you manage to stay warm?

Ralph: Yeah…

Teacher: So what did do outside today that kept you so warm and cheery?

Ralph: You know... just did some physical activity, got my blood pumping.

Teacher: I see… well, good good. Why don’t you go take your coat off and come to the cafeteria for some lunch! I bet all that physical activity worked up an appetite!

Ralph: Er, yeah… I guess so. (Ralph goes inside, puts his coat away, and goes into the cafeteria. He picks up his lunch and sits at a table by himself. His classmate, Joe, walks towards Ralph)

Joe: Hey, Ralph!

Ralph: Uh… hey?

Joe: I’m Joe, Joe Smith, from class?

Ralph: Oh… yeah, okay. Um... what’s up?

Joe: Nothing as exciting as what’s going on in your life!

Ralph: What do you mean?

Joe: Ralph... don’t be silly now. The whole school is talking!

Ralph: What? About what?

Joe: YOU! …And the way you beat up a 5th grader!

Ralph: Oh, Joe… that’s not really how it went.. I mean I didn’t really beat him up. We, I mean, er... I just...

Joe: Now Ralph, don’t be modest! The person who finally beat up Bill Keizer should brag! I mean… you’ve earned the bragging rights!

(Ralph’s teacher walks towards Ralph)

Joe: Alright well I’m gona go finish eating. I’ll cya ‘round champ!

Ralph: Uh... okay. Bye.

Teacher: Everything okay, Ralph?

Ralph: Yeah, sure. Why wouldn’t it be?

Teacher: Well you’re all by yourself and you haven’t even eaten. You sure you don’t feel sick? I could call your mom...

Ralph: Just uh, got a lot on my mind, that’s all. Just wanted to be alone to think about some stuff... you know?

Teacher: Sure sure, fair enough.

Ralph: Yeah…

Teacher: It wouldn’t have anything to do with… William Keizer though, would it?

Ralph: What makes you say that!

Teacher: I heard a few of your classmates gossiping about what happened at recess today…

Ralph: Oh...

Teacher: Yeah... oh, is right.

Ralph: I don’t get it… everyone thinks I’m so cool now. ‘Cause I beat up Billy. But really, that’s not even what I meant to do!

Teacher: Oh?

Ralph: I just couldn’t take it anymore…

Teacher: Take what, Ralph?

Ralph: Him beating me up. He does it every day. He takes my lunch money, and if I try to tell him he can’t have it, he shoves me around.

Teacher: Oh my… why didn’t you come tell me right away, Ralph! You know there is no bullying at this school!

Ralph: Because Billy said if I told you he would kill me.

Teacher: Well, I’m glad I know now because now I can help you! You shouldn’t have to deal with something like that when you come to school.

Ralph: Thanks.

Teacher: Why don’t you come to the principal’s office with me now?

Ralph: Um... I’m not sure if that’s such a good idea…

Teacher: You have nothing to worry about. We just want to talk about what happened and make sure it won’t happen again.

Ralph: Okay then, I guess. (Ralph and his teacher walk to the principle’s office.)

Teacher: Knock, knock! Can we come in Mr. Mason?

Mr. Mason: Oh, yes! Doors open!

(Ralph and his teacher walk in)

Mr. Mason: Please, have a seat. Now, what seems to be the problem?

Teacher: Go ahead Ralph… tell him everything that happened.

Ralph: Well, every day at recess Billy and his friend Mike come and take my lunch money. So... this morning, they came, as usual. I wasn’t really doing anything but then they started talking about my mom and I got so mad I just punched him. I didn’t even know I could do that.

Mr. Mason: Ohh… I see. Well, this is a very big problem we have here.

Teacher: Mhm…

Mr. Mason: Well, don’t worry son. I’ll call Billy and Mike’s parents in just a moment and make sure to schedule a parent teacher conference. That way we can make sure they will receive the necessary consequences.

Teacher: I think that sounds very appropriate.

Ralph: Yeah, thanks.

Teacher: So, looks like things will be fine from now on. I hope you realize that it was wrong of you to hit Billy though, Ralph.

Ralph: Yeah I know... I felt horrible after. I just didn’t know what else to do.

Mr. Mason: It’s understandable. Everyone makes mistakes. Just make sure that next time you don’t allow your temper to control your actions. Next time I’m afraid there will have to be consequences for you too, son.

Ralph: Yes, sir.

Mr. Mason: Alright, well, thank you for informing me. I will make that call immediately.

Teacher: Right, well I’m going to walk Ralph back to lunch if we’re all done here then.

Mr. Mason: Of course.

Ralph: Thanks again. Bye.

Mr. Mason: No problem. That’s my job!

(Ralph and his teacher walk out of the office and into the hallway, towards the cafeteria.)

Ralph: Yeah. Thank you though, for helping me straighten all this out.

Teacher: You’re very welcome, Ralph. Why don’t you go sit with your friends now and eat your lunch. We’ll make sure Billy doesn’t hurt you anymore, so don’t even worry about it!

Ralph: Great! (Ralph goes to a nearby table and sits with his friends, enjoying the rest of lunch.)

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