January 11, 2009
Did you ever hear of the color blue?
Yes, yes, I've heard of blue.
Did you ever hear that the color blue could talk?
Yes, yes, it told me secrets.
Did it ever tell you that you were scared?
Yes, yes, it told me I was scared. They watches me at night, the blue walls. They say I whimper in my sleep.
Did it ever tell you that I was the one to fear?
No, no, blue never mentioned you.
Did it tell you to run fast right now?
No, no, I-I
Did I tell you that I was blue?
Well, you are rather blue. Maybe it was you.
Yes, yes, it was me.
Why should I fear you, blue?
Why would I tell you that, my victim?
Now I'm scared. I think I'll go back home.
To your blue room? I'm there, too.
O. So now what?
Nothing. You're here. In blue.
In blue, what does that mean?
In blue.
In blue.

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