The Visitor

January 10, 2009
By Anonymous

Making my way out of my house, I saw something move. My eyes darted across my garden and right in the middle was what was going to be the most precious thing to me, a puppy. I ran towards it and it hid behind the bush. I knew it was scared. Its little brown eyes reflected innocence and fear. Its body was fragile and shivering. I picked it up and felt its fur, white as snow and soft as a pillow.I did not know where it came from but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I always dreamt for a companion, loyal and friendly. I rubbed his fur against my face and it felt like that there was nothing wrong with the world. His eyes met mine and i called him "Angel".
I made a little basket for him, decorated it with blue ribbon and gave him milk. His little, pink tongue moved fast as he tried to gulp down as much milk as possible. I had finally found a friend. It's crazy but I was talking to him, confiding in him all my secrets, all my miseries. He lookes at me like he understood everything i said. I could not be happier.
his little mischiefs gave me immense satisfaction. The look of innocence on his face after he had rolled in a pool of mud made me laugh out loud. I could not get angry at him.
But this happiness was short-lived. A few days later,when i went to feed him his breakfast, he wasnot there. I searched everywhere but could not find him. His basket was empty. I enquired but all my efforts failed.
Angel never came back. I could not understand why. He was a visitor, came for sometime and then left. I was heart-broken and felt betrayed but there was nothing I could do about it.

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