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Her Dark Secret

November 13, 2014
By Jocelin BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Jocelin BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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"This is the way the world ends. Not with a Bang, but a whimper." - T.S Eliot.

What if the most precious thing you can possibly own, is instantly snatched away from you? What if in a blink of an eye your whole life changes? One day you're having the greatest time of your life moving into a new apartment; when suddenly a strange man you’ve never seen before pops up in your life and ends up being your grandfather. Who, by the way is a lunatic that wants you to be his. What kind of creep is that? I’ve tried calling the Police on him for stalking me, but since he’s a rich man he always gets away with everything. In this case, the term: "Money is Power” applies here, what would you do? How far would you go? Where would you hide? My name is Charlotte Carmichael and this is my story.
A chilly breeze penetrated through my thin layered blanket one morning. I tried hugging my body closer to block out the cold, but no matter what I did I would still feel the nagging cold breeze down my spine. Finally made a choice to get up and close the window, ‘I have to get up anyways’, I thought to myself as I walked towards the window. Seattle looks price-less in the morning the way the sun peeks around the tall buildings causing the sun rays to stick out in different places. Hope and inspiration filled my soul. There was a slight moment that I felt free, as if I could live my life in peace. Without feeling worried that he’s going to find me. Of course my cruel reality came crashing down on me causing me to step back away from the window. In a quick slam I shut the window and walked back towards my bed. Suddenly there was an aggressive knock at my front door. All my senses came to life; I walked very slowly towards my front door. Once again the person knocked; this time more impatiently.
I have mail for Ms. Carmichael!” the person said loudly. Oh it’s just the mail man, I relaxed a bit. I walked faster now reaching for the door. In a, swoosh I quickly opened the door. 
“Yes, that's me,” I replied, looking up to the tall man who stood before me.
  “Here, this package came in for you ma'am," while handing me the oddly large rectangular box.
“Okay, I’ll take that,” I reached for the package.
“Oh, wait up ma’am you have to sign this paper,” he included, “here's the pen. “After signing the paper I took the package inside. 'It must be the cute hoodies I ordered two weeks ago,' I thought happily. I was surly mistaken, in the box there was thirteen fresh red roses with a fancy card attached to them. I froze, my lungs started aching, realizing I was holding my breath I quickly took a large gasp of air. No..it can't be. He found me too soon. My throbbing pulse picked up. My hands were starting to shake uncontrollably, reaching for the card it read:
"To my dearest Charlotte,
Every day I wake up, I look to the empty space in my bed.
Where you should be laying there, in my arms.
Without seeing you causes a huge pain in my heart.
Furthermore I sent you these beautiful red rose to symbolize my love to you.
Also I invite you  to a small party on November 27, held in my wooded cabin, where I first saw you. Well hope to see your gorgeous face there.
                                   -Your helpless lover Xavier James."
            A wave of emotions hit me right after reading that note. Disgust, anger, depression, scared, but mostly anger. I crushed the note in my hand, feeling the temperature in my body starting to rise. A hot steaming tear fell down my cheek. Closing my eyes, just to help me control my anger. Why, why me? This isn't fair! I know that things happen for a reason. Kept telling myself that over and over again, but for what? I'm beginning to think that reason no longer exists. With the note still in my fist I walked toward the fireplace and threw it in. Hoping, that it would take all my problems with it; that they would all burn and go away without a trace. Sadly, things don't work that way. I walked back to get the roses, also throwing them in the fire. Surprisingly the smell of burnt roses isn't very pleasant. I had to do something, go somewhere. I need to get out, without a second thought I decided to go for a jog. I practically ran to my room to change into some workout clothes. As I stepped out of my front door, the fresh cold gush of wind hit me. I inhaled deeply, 'gosh how I love winter,' I thought to myself as I turned the corner of my house to begin. Can't fully explain how good it feels to jog, I feel like I'm literally running far, far away from my problems. Not ever wanting to stop, not even for a few seconds. Feeling like if I did, the hollow darkness would catch up to me. I passed the park, where I could see small children playing tag and laughing out loud. Acting, as if they're in their own little wonderful world. Where, nothing in the world would crush their happiness. 'Man I really would love to go back time,' I thought to myself. I picked up my pace not wanting to see that anymore since, it was another reminder of how crappy my life is. I was practically soaked in sweat by now, finally deciding that it was best to go home.
                    The warm steamy shower hit the spot. I felt so much better, but no matter how much I tried I couldn't seem to get those words out of my head. 'I really need to move,' I whispered to myself. He found me already once, this time way quicker than I expected. He's getting impatient, no telling of what he's capable of. I surely don't want to stay here long enough to find out, I must leave. In a hurry to get my laptop, I quickly typed up homes that were fort-able. After six wrappers of granola bars and two bowls of leftover chicken soup, I finally decide to move to Bismarck, North Dakota. It's pretty far, but the further I'll go, the more time it takes him to find me. Also giving me time to plan ahead and try to stop him once and for all. Finally happy with my decision, I slowly closed my laptop and stood up to stretch my sore muscles. Looking out the window, realizing that it was getting darker. Winter really does know how speeds up the days. Heading to bed with one thought in my mind, 'this is the last time I, Charlotte Carmichael, ever run from this man'. Determined to bring him down once and for all.
                 It's been a two long dreadful weeks, since he send me that disturbing package. Today was the day I was finally going to move to North Dakota. Extremely excited, knowing something great was going to happen. Holding on to that belief, as I packed my last box. Honestly, I don't have much since I haven't had the time to actually go shopping. I wonder why, (note the sarcasm). I got into my old fashion Volkswagen-Beetle, a hand-me down from the family. I turned up the radio on blast and headed down the road to happiness, screw happiness I meant freedom. Hours passed by I was getting pretty tired and hungry. I seriously need a pit stop; it's been a long ride so far. I turned the next upcoming exit, hoping to find a nearby Subway. Satisfied with a good rest and full belly I headed back on the road.
                        Nope, seriously I'm done this better be the last time I move. My whole body was aching from the endless hour drive. The next few days I'm going to walk it. Not getting back into that car. I finally reached my final destination; my apartment was quit small and located in a very busy area. The thing I liked the most about it, was this huge window like wall that was located in my living room. I fell in love instantly. 'This is where I shall stay put,' I told myself. I headed downstairs passed the lobby to get my last box. I quickly turned, with the box still in my arms, without noticing I bumped into something hard. Later to realize, it wasn't something but a someone, he was quit built. I honestly had mistaken him for a wall.
                       "Pardon me sir, I'm very sorry," I apologized. He slowly turned around making eye contact with me. Completely losing my breath in the process. I stood there for the longest few seconds of my life, just staring at him. Admiring his features, icy light blue eyes, dark coffee colored hair, a few barely noticeable freckles, and rosy lips. My teen girl inside me screamed her head off, 'Calm down girl, your practically drooling over him,' the voice behind my head yelled at me. I quickly snapped out of it, as I heard him saying something.
                      "No need to apologize ma'am it was practically my fault for standing in your way," he responded, with a killer smile showing off his cute dimple.
                    "Honestly, it was my fault I should have looked where I was going," I replied, while showing him one of my famous awkward smiles. He chuckled softly causing my organs inside my stomach to do all sorts of flips and turns. I felt my cheeks starting to heat up.
                  "Well I should get going this box isn't going to unpack itself," Quickly turning my heels back to my room. Shaking my head, trying to forget the affection he cause upon me with his charm.
              "Wait, sorry for not properly introducing myself, my names' Ashton Lockwood," he said while holding up his hand. My eyes landed back at him, 'oh gosh how can someone be that perfect, even his name sounds out of a dream'. Noticing how rude I was being, I suddenly shook his hand.
           "Nice to meet you Ashton, my names' Charlotte Carmichael," I introduced myself. After an awkward moment of silence, quickly saying my good-byes and headed back to my apartment. 'That was weird,' I thought to myself. Happily unpacked my stuff, while having the music on blast,  singing along and dancing like the world around me slowly disappeared. 'Wow, is this what it feels like to let loose, it feels so amazing.' Salty water trickled down my cheek. 'Gosh girl get your emotions under control please', the nagging voice behind my head shouted. I smoothly wiped away my tears and headed to my kitchen, to search for my favorite yummy granola bars.
                   The best three months of my life had passed. So far things are going amazing. No sign of Xavier and his creepy mail. I got a job at this amazingly huge library, which is a very well pay. Also I'm starting to go shopping for new things for my apartment. Who knew that moving here was going to turn my whole life around? The really interesting thing is, that my neighbor is Ashton. Yup, that cutie. We have been talking a lot lately. He's asked me out for a couple of dates so far. Nothing official yet since the nagging voice in my head, keeps telling me to turn away from him. He'll probably leave, if he finds out your secret.  I don't know how to tell him or when would it be the right time. Now here I am just looking out my window looking at the sunset while sipping on my new coffee mug. Suddenly, the was knocking at my door, causing me to spill my tea all over myself.
           "Coming!" I shouted, while trying to clean myself up. 
            "Ms. Carmichael, you have special delivery," a male voice shouted behind my door. I opened the door slowly, knowing exactly what it was. I prepared myself for this moment. With my confidence I looked straight at the package and as if on cue it was the exactly the same shape boxed.
         "Oh, thank you I'll get that," I replied while reaching for the box. The only difference this time was that I didn't have to sign any papers.
         "You welcome ma’am," he said, then tipped his hat and walked down the hall.
I quickly went inside to open the box. Indeed there were thirteen roses with a card attached to them, but this time there was one single rose that was white, while the rest deep red. 'Odd,' I thought to myself, the card read:
"To my dearest Charlotte,
I was extremely disappointed that you couldn't make it to the party a couple months ago.
Don't worry I'm not angry at you, but not informed that you moved away from me does in fact upsets me.
My men spend months trying to find you, it came to the point that I seriously thought I lost you. When I finally found where you were staying, I decided to move to North Dakota.
Now for sure I know exactly where you are. So in that case I would like to invite you for a romantic dinner to Italian Gourmet, that's just down the street from where you live.
Tomorrow, @ 8:00pm.
I seriously do want to see you there. If not than one of my men would like to pay a short visit to Ashton.
P.S. I know all about you and Ashton."
Oh my, he seriously lost it. He seriously has moved here. Don't forget that he knows about Ashton. He totally crossed the line. 'It's now or never Charlotte.' He has to stop this madness. Without thinking I rushed out the door with the card in my hand to Ashtons' apartment. I knocked rapidly. I heard his footsteps coming closer to the door.
                 "Charlotte what a surprise," he said with a huge smile in his face. Oh gosh he had just finished taking a shower. His hair was wet; some strand of hair fell on his forehead. I shook my head to regain focus.
                  "Follow me I really need to tell you something, I couldn't find the right time to tell you, forgive me,” I tried, explain in between breaths.
                   "Waite up, what are you talking about?" He asked, while frowning.
                    "Just sit down this is going to take forever," I pat the spot beside me. After hours of explaining him detail by detail of my situation and how it started he finally understood.
                  "So you’re telling me that your grandfather went crazy after his wife death, which was your grandmother, who happen to look so much like you?" He asked for the second time while scratching his head.
                      "That's crazy, what; you're going to meet him for dinner?"
                      "Yup that's the plan, but I have a trick up my sleeve." I said with a wicked grin on my face. After explaining him what I was going to do he didn't question me nor did he judge my decision.
                 "Look Charlotte no matter what you do I'll be here for you," he explained, " I don't know how to explain these feelings I have for you, but they are real and I don't want to lose you, nor do I want you to live your rest of your life scared. I understand what you have to do and I'll be there outside waiting for you in the parking lot." After his speech I kissed him pouring all my feelings into it. He responded, with the same amount of affection. How can I possibly have so many feelings for someone I just met, a couple of months ago?
                     Okay, here we are I thought to myself. All I need to do is survive a couple of hours with him and then I'll be able to walk out of those doors with my freedom back. I took a long deep breath in and deep long breaths out. Ashton was holding my hand whispering calming words. It helped a lot. I checked the time; it was 8:00pm. 'Show time,' I told myself. Slowly walked out of the car turning back to see Ashton, reminding myself that I really want a life peaceful life, with him. My confidence bursting up high again, I walked into the two large wooden doors. In the far corner there he was, a grey haired man, wrinkles clearly shown in his face. He looked up and saw me, carefully skimming his eyes up and down my body. His gaze made me feel exposed and cheap. It was a very disturbing feeling. Quickly made my way to where he was seated.
                   "Charlotte what a surprise, I'm guessing Ashton is very dear to you." He said," too bad that I'll soon have you."
        "Excuse me, but what makes you think you own me?" I couldn't help but respond rudely.
         "Now, now don't need to get angry dear sooner or later you will be mine." Shivers ran down my spine, how can he just say things like that? An hour passed of us arguing. Becoming to the point where I was coming close to actually getting the poison and shoving it down his throat. I know better, I have to wait till the food comes. As if on cue the waiter comes back with our food. While he was busy asking the waiter for their best wine. I took out the nature powder/poisons which speeds up one to have a heart-attack. Perfect, I thought I slowly put a good amount of it in his pasta. Moments after eating he started squirming around in his seat. I checked his plate and indeed he had finished all his pasta. I must seem like a cold hear-ted person, but I'm not, really. I quickly got up and yelled for help. I looked over towards him and Xavier was having a heart-attack by now, pain pouring out of his eyes. Groups of waiters came running towards him, some were screaming for an ambulance. I couldn't stand there anymore and watch, so I ran out of there with tears in my eyes. Not knowing if they were because of what I've done or that I now have my freedom. Hopefully he's a peace; at least he'll see his wife again. I quickly made my way towards the car, on de inside I relaxed .Ashton wiped my tears away, for comfort. I couldn't bear to look him in the eyes after what I've done. I felt like a monster.  It was for the best.
                       "Come on, let's get out of here," I suggested, in between sobs. With tears pouring out of my eyes, I looked at the road ahead of me. Knowing everything with is okay from now on.

            So, that was my story. Yes, everything went perfect from there, talking about happy ever after’s. I indeed married Ashton, still live in North Dakota, just not in apartments, of course. For Xavier it turns out that he actually admitting to one of his men that he wanted to die to be with his real love. Glad I made his wish come true. Things are more than great, I'm pregnant with my first child and I couldn't be happier.
                Would you have done the same thing I did? Where would you have hide? How far would you have gone? Freedom is indeed the most precious thing you can ever own. 
                Don't let no one take that away for you..

-Mrs. Lockwood                                                          

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